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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3 good things + Naughty Valentine's.

Hey you.  Today is Wednesday, and I have terribly exciting news to share!

Actually - news itself somewhat mild, but I hope you'll indulge me anyway.

Two - no, three! - things happened already today that confirmed that, despite gross nasty weather here in Austin spawned from the loins of Satan himself, life is generally good. After my cranky post yesterday about Valentine's Day (the movie), I was in the mood for happy self to return, you know?  The satisfaction that comes with ranting, especially internet ranting, is too temporary.  So here are three GOOD THINGS:

1. I discovered the best blog on the whole internet

Technically this happened last night, but the joy of my discovery hasn't waned, even after a full night's sleep. This blog is Hyperbole and a Half, and it is the first time I've become near evangelical about anything on the internet (aside from this psycho cat). It is also the first time I've ever written a straight-up fan letter to a stranger, because I want the blogger behind it, Allie, to be famous. I do.

Thank you to Hipstercrite's blog roll for helping me discover it, as I have basically been giggling about Allie's Paintbrush bear, dinosaur, and unicorn drawings all day. When I was kissing Ross Husband last night, I accidentally giggled in the middle of the kiss because I was thinking about something Allie said, and all crestfallen he goes, " LAUGHING!" This prompted me to hug him even tighter and remind him that I am inept in this department, i.e., The Department of Not Laughing During Inappropriate Times. This happens a LOT and I always feel bad for it. Ross Husband is much better at controlling his urge to laugh, and yet somehow, he married a person who cannot make it through a knock-knock joke without hyperventillating.

Anyway, Allie makes me hyperventilate.

It's all ok though because this morning, I...

2. Made the bed

Are you falling down because this blog post is so interesting? Well, I don't blame you. It's about to get exciting.

I have this new thing that I do now, every morning. Make the bed! People, I cannot tell you how this is changing my life. I realized you may have stopped by this blog to find out about a show or clothes or some such and now you're probably like: "What? Why. Bed boring, stop." But, let me assure you, making the bed has lasting consequences. And friends, these consequences are good.

Brain = More smart. For example, today when I got dressed, I prepared top half of the body for gym, bottom half of body for work, and now, I cannot get over how unbelievably clever I feel. Is revelation! At the end of the day, I never want to change out of my work outfit if I have put even the most minute amount of thought into it, because it's cute (or half-cute) and I am proud of myself, and want the feeling to last.  Today's outfit is just cute enough, meaning, it's business on bottom, party on top. (By which I mean, Gym Party.) This sudden outfit efficiency could be a random breakthrough, or, it could be my made bed, sending its calming logic to other areas of my life.  I'm going with bed.

Cat = More behaved. An unmade bed is irresistible to my cat Claudia.  She thinks we have created a playground just for her, and this puts her in a feisty, ankle-attacky kind of mood. I have to pull on her tail when she gets this way, and that only makes her more blood-thirsty.  Today she did nothing of the sort! Instead, she took a nap on the floor. That's better, Claudia.

Room = More successful.  A made bed room is a successful person room. It's true. Barack Obama? Made bed. Brad and Angelina? Made bed. Self?  Made. Bed. Are you seeing the company I'm now associating myself with?

Finally, here is the last good thing I want to share with you, because you may want to join me for this:

3. Valentine's at Justine's
I'm not sure what this photo has to do with Justine's, but it's on the Facebook page and I like it!

Ok. So on Sunday night, Valentine's Day, Justine's is have a Marquis de Sade-themed party, and if you had to look up this person on Wikipedia like I just did, you would find out that he is a very racy character indeed. (Don't you love how whenever you hear about a historical French person, it's never like, "well, they wrote a novel, and that was that!" It's always: "oh, they wrote a novel alright. A novel about FREAKY SEX.")

Anyway, according to the publicist, "everyone is encouraged to dress to the nines in vintage lace, rubber, latex, ribbons, black silk, whips, collars, chains – anything their whimsy dreams up that has anything to do with bondage."

Well hot dog, chains and whips? Count me IN. I haven't told Ross Husband about the bondage dress-up part yet...will be interesting to see how he responds. He'll either raise his eyebrows and ask what I'm wearing (excellent question), or ask if we can bring Claudia on a little leash.

The event page on Facebook has lots of info, including the burlesque and musical activities that will be happening. Justine's normally doesn't take reservations but I believe they are taking a limited number for this night. We are going at 8:30.

Thanks for everything, Wednesday!


Hipstercrite said...

I'm glad you found Allie's site. She is hysterical. You can just picture her stories. They're like that from an excited kid with ADD. She's very smart and creative. I have no doubt she'll become an internet star some day!
The party at Justine's sounds wonderful!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Hipstercrite - I TOTALLY hope she does! She is creative and smart, and her Paintbrush pictures just make me dissolve into giggles anew. Thank you for revealing her to me, Lauren!

Hollyann said...

Thanks for tweeting about and then posting hyperboleandahalf. I spent a good portion of the morning trying not to die laughing at my desk in my Very Quiet Office. :D

Also, kudos on the bed making thing. I do it to keep the cats out of my bed too. :)

Always looking forward to reading more.


Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Holly - No prob, glad you enjoyed it just as much as I did. Kelly (Young) over at Do512 and I both wrote her fan letters today!

Glad you are having success with made bed = calm cat, too. Is fantastic.

Ed Verosky said...

I'm kinda tired now. In a good way. Love your blog, Miss Tolly.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Ed Verosky - (Remember to make the bed when you wake up.)

Anonymous said...

OMG I LOVE ALLIE TOO! Where does she live? Let's go to where she lives, knock on her door, and ... um ... give her a plastic unicorn? Not sure about the third part, but we can figure it out when we embark on Hyperbole and a Half Roadtrip '010.

Laura Roberts said...

WHOA! That is about the freakiest, kinkiest sex thing I have heard about in Austin so far. And, dude, I used to write a sex column in sleazy Montreal, so I have been on the look-out! I am looking forward to your recap.