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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ACL EAVESDROPPER GIVEAWAY: Your very own private performance by Matt & Kim and Local Natives.


Would you like to attend a free, private show this weekend to see these people?

matt & kim

local natives

Yes? Well ok then.

We are giving away 5 passes to The Music Lounge and Rock the Vote Nights, both held at the American Legion Hall (2201 Veterans Dr) during ACL.

These are private events (no entry allowed unless you're on the guest list), and offer a delicious, free alcohol-fueled, air-conditioned reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Zilker park.

Perhaps you are wondering who the "special guest" at the Rock the Vote party is? Well I will tell you.

two door cinema club

And, if these are the bands for the night party...something tells me the "special performances" teased on the day party poster will be equally awesome.

HERE'S THE DEAL. To enter, you must:

1. Follow Austin Eavesdropper on Twitter. This is not because we're trying to be assy but because I haven't decided how I'm going to announce the winner yet. It might be on Twitter. It might be on this blog. It might be on a carrier pigeon. But cover your bases and follow AE if you aren't already. My Twitter name is TollyM.

2. Leave a comment on this post.  Preferably saying something awesome. Examples: "I am writing this comment to you underwater because - as it turns out - I have been adopted by octupii." Or: "Remember that time I saved you from that rabid shark?  Umm yeah, I think we all know who gets these tix." --Actual hilarious comment left by Jake Holt, on this giveaway, a few months ago.

3. Be available at noon on Friday or Saturday.  In order to gain entry into the night party - Rock the Vote Nights - winners must show up at NOON, Friday or Saturday (right when the Music Lounge opens each day) to claim their spot on that guestlist. Winners who show up late will not get into the night party happening Saturday.

Winners will be selected by Thursday night, at 8:00pm, at random.  Funny comments may give you a little advantage! Just sayin'!

Oh, and! Each winner will be granted a +1, so you can bring a friend or even a lover.

good luck!

**Thanks to Giant Noise, BEHRINGER, popchips, Alternative Apparel, Revel Stoke Whisky, AriZona Beverages and SESAC for making these parties and this giveaway possible!

CONTEST UPDATE:  Ok first of all, YOU PEOPLE ARE SO FREAKING FUNNY. I want you to know I pretty much laughed myself to sleep each night reading your comments, and if I had more time, would post some of the best individually here.  The one about the stop-motion animation cat was so good that I had to stop, walk away, take a lap around the living room, catch my breath, sit back down, and attempt to continue scrolling.

Anyway.  Now for the news.  The five winners of this giveaway are...(selected by my husband at random while I closed my eyes):

1. Natalie ("natalienicolenelson")
2. Oneincamillion ("cvwoods")
3. Cassiday Proctor ("Cassiday P")
4. Erik ("Philip Eno" --confusing? Oh well)
5. Katherine ("Katherine Loiry")

I will be emailing you five shortly with information.

THANK YOU guys, everyone, for playing!  I love you all so much I want to mail you cards with a baboon kissing a kitten on the front that plays Randy Newman when you open it up.  Or something.


Hipstercrite said...

I saw Local Natives earlier this year at Stubb's and they freakin' rock. Every song on their album is terrific. Such a good band in a time of crappola.

Unknown said...

My only comment is, awesome. See you there Tolly. :)

rise said...

AAAah wanna go to this, but will be at ACL at Noon on Saturday. :(

Anonymous said...

Meeee!!!! Having trouble leaving comment! Hope this works!

Do I have to leave an email?


Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Chris - YES! Email is a good idea.

Unknown said...

We wanna see Matt & Kim! - atxhipsters

Anonymous said...

Alright, Chris here again! I almost typed "Christ"...that would be a different entry altogether.

bluesocksforme [a] yahoo [dot] com

Anonymous said...

Um, I cry at good music. So, I will probably be the girl in the corner crying all night (and we know there is always one of those). Which means: you can rest easy knowing it won't be you. I've got you covered.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Awesome, thank you Chris!

Everybody: PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in the comments section. Chris did it just the right way so that spam bots won't pick it up..with the [a] instead of @'s and all that. Ok then.

g said...

I LOVE Matt and Kim. I remember meeting them for the first time at SXSW 07 and Matt was one of the nicest people ever. I bought a cd from him and he gave me a ton of stickers.

The next year at the JellyNYC party I was waiting around for a band to start when I spotted a lone can of beer just chilling by the side of the stage. After noticing that no one had touched it for quite a while, I casually walked over and snagged it. As soon as I did this I noticed that Kim was walking toward it and, as soon as I picked up the beer, she stopped and walked back to where she was.

I would like a chance to attend this show so I can apologize to Kim for stealing the beer she was going to steal.

g said...

Also, emailaddressforclass [a] yahoo [dot] com

Unknown said...

What if we comment on your awesomeness instead of funny;-) Pick me!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome! amykritzer [a] gmail [dot] com

Heather Howell said...

Ugh! You caught me on a non-whitty day! This always happens after a night of Chardonnay.

sailorsmom.howell at the gmail.

Greg MacLennan said...

I want to win, but all I can think to write is about fat cats and and flattery. So you're sexy awesome and fat cats are cool

Scott Miller said...


Baconator said...

I'll probably say all kind of nice things about you, and then go add your bust to Mt. Rushmore when you let me know I've won. If that's not enough, let me know and I'll see about balancing the budget and solving world peace.

sfoolio [shift-2] yahoo [not-shifted greater than sign key] com

Anonymous said...

"My genius has come alive! Like toys when your back is turned."

I love love love Matt & Kim. I first saw them at a free SXSW show about five years ago. Kim had to strategically place duct tape on herself after a couple of wardrobe malfunctions. Pick me, pick me!! xo~ Ana

texicana137 [a] yahoo [dot] com

Anonymous said...

this one time at logan square auditorium in chicago i went to a matt&kim show. after the show there was a dance off and kim and i had it out. she's tiny lil thing and i thought i'd win for sure.

i didn't.

i desperately need a rematch to restore my dance dignity. help a sistahh out!


katherine said...

okay, so your giveaway made me finally sign up for this twitter thing. i doubt i'll ever tweet (because really, who cares what happens with my 8-year-olds other than me and their parents), but i've been wanting to follow a few twitterers so this made me go ahead and do it.

so: @kfireball = me.


Anonymous said...

You should give me entry so I don't have to try to sneak in (I'm terrible at sneaking).

<3 Eric
sickdancemoves [a] yahoo

Rebecca Chulew said...

I want to win because winning is fun!
blackfrancie@ gmail

Jenny Jemison said...

I will never be as funny as Jake Holt, but will accept these tickets as a consolation prize. JMJTX on twitter,

katherine said...

i thought i had already commented, but i think i had an interwebz fail.

so: i made a twitter *just for this giveaway*. although, to be fair, i'd been toying with the idea of starting one because i have some folks i'd like to follow, but if having a twitter is the qualifier, count me in! so: @kfireball = me.

if (when?!) i win, will you be attending as well?

Jackie said...

ummm yes pls!


Jacob Soetaert said...

when the Robo-Zombie Uprising happens, i'd like to remember the fun i had at this show as i tear Robo-Zombies heads from their bodies. And it will be glorious.

jacob.soetaert at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

YES! This is a FANTASTIC little lineup.
Winning would definitely be better than a whole plate of hot pockets. My lover and I would appreciate going!

electricbloom1131 [a] gmail [dot] com

--Lauren :)

Unknown said...

i only date voters - atxhipsters [at] gmail

Anonymous said...

I would love to see this show for the following reasons:
1. I do not have the privilege of going to ACL this year; and
2. I can't imagine how awesome it must be to play drums and not have boobs. I want to see that awesomeness in person.


Anonymous said...

That sounds very sweet! See you Friday (I hope).
Lily A.


Anonymous said...

Also, remember that time I sent you that picture of Courtney Love granting that rando guy a rather intimate pose? ;)

emailaddressforclass [a] yahoo [dot] com

Anonymous said...

I want in!!! aboyles[at] @iamtheaaron


iamwebdan said...

Thanks for (potentially) hooking me up with some sweet ol' tickets to this awesome show. dan [dot] skarbek [a] gmail [dot] com

Awesome photoshop from this weekend you should enjoy:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Lusielou said...

meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love super secret stuff.


Natalie said...

Congrats (I think) - you just made the extremely selective group of Tweeters (twitters? twatters?) that I follow, joining the esteemed list of Chad Ochocinco, Lindsay Lohan and Kanye West. I hope you can live up to the tweeting legacies of the trainwrecks that came before you. The things I do for live music....

natalienicolenelson [a]

Jen Burkey said...

From one monkey to another, I'd pick those tix off you anytime you'd ask.

ACL or Bust 2010.

jen [a] jenburkey [dot] com

Anonymous said...

Hot chocolate cinnamon triple-chocolate-chip cookies.

Not tryin' to be unfair or anything, but... I think you know what I'm getting at.


DavidP said...

Look, I'm not gonna lie, I have no idea who Naked Locals or 2-door cinnamon coupe are, but if there's gonna be free PopChips and Arizona Tea, I'm in.
perque AT
[check the profile - tell me I shouldn't be going]

Anonymous said...

Gumballs for teeth would be fun.

midnightcreative [a] gmail [dot] com

Katy said...

Me! katy.quirt[a]gmail[dot]com

Funny? Let's time, I mashed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my little brother's face. It wasn't funny for him. Very funny for me.

PS, this was a few weeks ago

bsimms8907 said...

I would love nothing more than to brag about winning a contest from the best blog in AUSTIN; no best blog in the STATE; no best blog in the COUNTRY, no best blog in the whole F-ing WORLD!

I may not be witty but I am damn good at flattery (and I'm not even having to lie cause I really do believe everything I just wrote) :)


rise said...

I'm gonna figure out a way to be there at Noon, damn it! Since I'm volunteering at ACL...I think I have to miss seeing Local Natives during my shift.!!!

kevin [a] risedesigns [dot] com

Btw...I have several kombucha mothers I need to give away if you have people on your waiting list.

Selena said...

Austin Eavesdropper
I love thee for thy charm, sweet
posts, (and giveaways)

Austin Eavesdropper
I love thee for thy title
which fits a haiku

selenax [a] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

I'm sooo cool - I was already invited. So I'll just blow you kisses from the corner.

Traci said...

I want to see me some Matt & Kim!!! I'm only 4'11", so there's NO way I'll be able to "see" them at ACL... and we all know the "seeing" is the best part with these guys! Hook a shorty up!!

Anonymous said...

my twitter account is @helenkeller. nuff said.

oh, plus i REALLY wanna go!

justlikeaholiday at gmail dot com!

love and giraffes,

erik said...


Like, 2 weeks ago I was on the phone with my best friend and I totally freaked out on her because I was going to see "Catfish" and I told her "Dude, I don't want to know anything about it", but she starts telling me "Sooooo, I know you don't want to know anything about it, buuuuut" and I start freaking out and going "NO NO DUDE NOT ANYTHING NOT A COTTON PICKING THING" and then I totally hang up on her.


She texts me "I just wanted to tell you to go to the Catfish website and they have this thing that looks like a Mac." So I call her up, livid, that she would tell me something after I told her that I didn't want to know anything. And this just sets off a whole bunch of shit that has been building up like for YEARS, and it devolves into a screaming match, except I'm the only one screaming. LIKE I'M INSANE. And she basically deletes me from her phone and her facebook and etcetcetc and basically bestfriend breaks up with me.


Like a week ago, she heads out to a two month stint at fitness camp, and I was supposed to help watch her feral cat, but since the BFFBU, she asked for her key back and I haven't been over to her place. The thing is, she has this old piano and the only song I know how to play is the verse part to "Daylight", and I used get to play it like all the time, but now I won't get to play it for at least 2 months, while she's away at fitness camp. Sadness.


You should totally randomly pick me to go to the show because I haven't heard "Daylight" in weeks and I really miss my friend, and getting to hear that song would make me miss her a liiiiittle bit less.


phillip dot eno at gmail dot com

Le Tigre said...

Oh oh! ME ME! MEEEE!!! - obnoxiously jumps up and down waving hand! - MEEEEEEE!!!! djphoenix86@gmail [.] COM=EEE ONNN!! PICK ME! Pretty pwease.

GARY! said...


There are actually 2 parties going on. There is a day party (The Music Lounge) with some bands that haven't been announced yet and then there is the Rock the Vote Nights party that Matt and Kim/Local Natives are playing at.
Basically the idea is to stop by the lounge BEFORE ACL and get liquored up, make your way to ACL to rock your heart out till the fest is over, and then pop back over to Rock the Vote for Matt and Kim

If you have a bike you can just cross the mopac pedestrian bridge to go back and forth between the Legion Hall and Zilker Park.


Anonymous said...

Q: What did the monster use to wipe his mouth after eating the local natives?

A: A Mattkim!


Darcie said...

My cats will cover themselves in glitter again to attend this show. They might even let me be their plus one!

Darcie said...

Oh, my cats can be reached at darcie (dot) duttweiler (AT) gmail (dot) com

Unknown said...

TOLLY! OMG pick me. We can't afford to go to ACL this year....our 2 year anniversary is the 19th of October and my man and i LOVE all of those acts. It would be the best surprise ever for him.....this would be such an awesome thing to get to attend.

-Cassiday P

Unknown said...

Missed Local Natives at sxsw and have been kicking myself since they did not play with The Drums in Austin! This would be awesome!!! whatthefred [at] gmail [dot] com

James R Curry said...

I'd sell my first-born to get into this show. But as I don't have a first-born, I'll suck it up and post a Blog comment, instead.

jay said...

remember when we saw Matt & Kim at ACL, and confetti exploded out of Kim's tits? Hope that happens again!



Monica said...

I wanna pour sesame ginger dressing all over your vegetable garden and eat it for lunch! I also want to see Matt & Kim in the flesh. This comment sounds kinda innuendo-ish but it's sooo innocent!

Your friendly follower,


Oneincamillion said...

I haven't seen Matt & Kim yet but I have seen Local Natives and they are amazing. I have this great idea to make a stop motion film of my cat, who is now sadly an indoor cat because of all the traffic on my street and her propensity to cross the street. ANy way this stop motion film would be about a dream she has about sailing around austin. I got her this box from Cosco, retangular shaped, and she just sits in it all the time. I come home and she's wait for me in it. I wake up and there is she is again. So I want to paint this box like a ship, give it a sail, and with her in the box, move the box towards the door - (taking photos all the while for the stop motion bit). Then I will replace her with a stuffed animal cat and we will photograph this ship and my cat (the fake cat) sailing far and wide all around Austin....All of this will of course be set to "Cubism Dream" -- and it will end with Grenna Benna, my cat, waking up from this dream happy as can be!

I would love to see Matt & Kim for the 1st time -who knows maybe I'll get more inspiration for another stop motion film! By the by your blog is great!

cvwoods (at) g mail

Anonymous said...

Screw being clever and funny, I'm a recent Austin transplant, no friends or job, no money, and all I want to do is see some of this amazing live music that I moved here for. Help me out! Please!

drewbadgett [at] gmail

Unknown said...

I would give a homemade hummus and spinach sandwich and $7 to go see this show!

I caught local natives at the NPR day show last year and it was goose-bump inducing aural bliss.

Matt+Kim are just adorable and I love this naked video... inspired Erykah Badu to do this naked video...

tnpetty at gmail

Anonymous said...

ATLien here excited to get out to Austin so I can be an ACLien. I Would love to throw my hands in the air for free passes!


Dot said...

If you let us in I bet I can talk my bf in to rolling around in the cafe bustelo grounds since he loves it so much. (Sort of like Darcie's cats & the glitter.) Hell, he'd probably snort it if I let him to get his fix. ick Otherwise I'll have to get up early and make it for him on ACL Fri. :( Sad face indeed!! Oh yea and we wanna hear the music too!!! : )

tabitha.fisher (at) gmail (dot) com

Jay said...

If I get in to this event, I will absolutely get the Cafe Bustelo tattoo I chickened out on getting ACL weekend last year... It's a long story...


M said...

I'm a broke student, and that doesn't mean you should feel sorry for me. I'm the next generation dude. My education and experiences will help me innovate to do something awesome-ly worth while like cure cancer, or make the next twitter.

This is why you should put me on the list. It's experiences like listening to great music and drinking for free that fuel my college career.

Seriously though, I've never been to this party, but have seen it for the past few years, and always wanted to go. (P.S. I'm also a political Science Major, so I think this party is apropos for me.)


Anonymous said...

Man, I want to be witty and memorable right now but all I can think about is how much I flippin love the Local Natives. I mean, it hurts how much I love them. You would think by now my partner would have up and left me simply because of the sheer number of times I have played him Gorilla Manor. But, it turns out, the album is flippin phenomenal and no one ever gets tired of it. That's good for my marriage.

Anyhow, I'm just saying, I love the Local Natives. So much.

No, what I'm really saying is puh-lease pick me. I'm not too proud to beg. Not when it comes to the Local Natives. Did I mention that I love them?



Anonymous said...

Please, just please let me in.

I'll drive around for 6 months with an Austin Eavesdropper magnetic sign on my car.

Anonymous said...

I saw this posted on a Weight Watchers for Cannibals forum. As long as this is a private event, as you stated, I would like to try the low calorie natives.


Anonymous said...

Jazz Hands!

Some of us like physical humour!

if you need visualization: [at] gmail

Anonymous said...

I may not have gas, or will I rub myself in ginger dressing, nor will I rub any cat in glitter, but I will say that I will eat a bunch of ginger and cause gas, meanwhile filling my butt with glitter. I will then fart glitter into my cats face.

BTW, if it counts for anything, Sometimes, when I'm feeling down because nothing seems to be going right, I like to take a home pregnancy test. Then I can say, "Hey, at least I'm not pregnant." And I know happy days are around the corner.

Lizzy Speights said...

The best thing about partying at the American Legion Hall? Drinking next to a canon...

Megalithic Rick said...

Matt and Kim make me smile, and it was my birthday yesterday too ie my "website" -intials and

Cary said...

Will mouse-rat be playing? I'm looking forward to hearing the new track "sex-hair."

caryhair [at} G mail [.] com

Anonymous said...


Please help me help myself to some local natives.

That is all.