Monday, January 31, 2011

Do you feel more centered after being sick?

I know this sounds weird, but sometimes I love being sick.

It just brings everything into sharper focus. I was sick for most of this past weekend, and had three startling revelations:

A) Maybe I've been drinking a little too much.  Which kills me to admit since I do love all things mixology, wine, and lately, whiskey on the rocks.  (Apparently I am a man.  An old man.)

But the facts speak for themselves: I drank Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, and BAM -- Saturday brought the chills/fever shakes/dizziness.

Now I realize this is high flu/cold season time and that bugs of all manner are gleefully attacking the immune systems of many an Austinite.  However, I think by making alcohol more of a "special treat," less of a "fifth food group," I'll be helping mine out.  

B) ... and not eating enough.  Enough things that are good for you, I mean.  I eat plenty of things that are ok - not at all ok.   Things that are way, way processed, however!  At least they are organic!  Cheers, Newman's Own.

But check it out.  Even though we have a vegetable garden, even though I have a husband who cooks and could teach me, even though I live within a 1.5 mile radius to no less than FIVE grocery stores and one bi-weekly farmer's market (am totally serious), I still cannot seem to prepare food for myself!  What is the matter with me?   

I told Ross in some kind of fever murmur Saturday night that I can't eat bread and cheese for a while, because they've been making my stomach hurt.  I also explained to him that I needed to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed things.  So on Sunday while I had a few non-wobbly hours, I went to Wheatsville and Natural Grocer, and proceeded to then prepare lunch AND dinner for myself.  Yay health!  What websites do you guys visit for "whole food" recipes?  The only thing I know how to make is stir fry. I just ate my third stir fry for lunch.

C) WINDOWS AND ROOMS.  Ok, that isn't a "lesson," exactly.  I already know that home decor magazines / websites are basically porn for me.  But this weekend, I ogled at Tumblr after Tumblr, site after site of cozy, woodsy, colorful and light-filled homes, and collected my favorite ones below. 

(Sidenote: Ross and I are looking for a house right now, and after making this little collection ... well.  A few things have become clear.  I clearly prefer homes that are a little rough around the edges.  With abundant wood.  And vaulted ceilings.  And maybe have flowers growing up the walls, in assorted sizes and colors.  Now that's not too much to ask for, is it?)

Those last two pictures were taken by me!  Thank you Instagram.

Do you ever feel more centered after being sick?  I realize how strange it is to express enthusiasm about illness.  But I find it gets my head back on straight.

(Speaking of getting things straight, are any of you guys into Tarot readings?  Lovely Austin is having a Tarot Cocktail Party next Saturday from 3 - 7pm.  I signed up for a 5:00pm reading.  Click here to reserve a spot).


Stephanie said...

Avec Eric, girl! He will change your life.

Also, attending the Saturday morning farmer's market will likely fight (and win) those late Friday night drinks into submission.

Angie said...

Hey Tolly! This is Angie Chappell from good ol' AHHS. I heard about your blog through the AH grapevine - I just moved back to Austin a few months ago and your blog came highly recommended :)

I happen to write a vegetarian blog where I post a recipe every Monday (Meatless Mondays). Not all of my recipes would be considered "whole foods" (I sometimes use fake meats or cheese), but it's worth taking a look for ideas:

Some healthy ones you could start with:
Penne with squash, chickpeas & olives:
Spinach & artichoke pasta:
Vegetable Paella:
Pinto bean pasta:
And a personal favorite, Tofu scramble:

Hope you can find something there you like! I'm enjoying reading the Austin Eavesdropper!

amy said...

Hey woman-- I know what you mean. Being sick in the past has totally helped me focus! And also realize all the things I take for granted, etc.

My friend Kathryn has an AMAZING food blog and her food centers around organic, locally-sourced ingredients. I think you're gonna likey.

Unknown said...

I've never thought of being sick as re-centering oneself. I'm currently sick so we'll have to wait and see if it re-centers me...funny, you post about this I've been all kinds of catawampus lately and highly annoyed with myself. I did choose 'Love' as my new year word.

TrophyBoutique said...

Being sick forces you to sit around the house and think. I hate both of those things. No wait. I like them. Shit, I can't focus!

No seriously. I think feeding yourself is over-rated, but I do second Amy's suggestion about Kathryn's blog. Maybe you should suggest your husband prepare something for you from it (like I have).

Dad said...

Breakfast. Here's a recipe for delicious and nutritious. Not to mention easy. Go to one of the five grocery stores you mentioned and buy bags of frozen fruit. Peaches. Berries. Mixed fruit. Whatever. And you might pick up some fresh fruit, too. Put about a cup and a half of fruit in your blender. Heat about a half cup of milk in your microwave. Just enough to warm it. Pour it in the blender with the fruit. Add two tablespoons of crushed flax seed. For more protein add a container of yogurt. Then spin that baby! What you've got is a perfect meal. Fruit with its fiber, flax seed with omega 3, protein from milk and yogurt. And delicious taste for your tongue. And in the morning -- voila! You take a dump that doesn't strain the colon!

Beth H said...

i totally get what you mean about sickness re-centering you! i feel that way after spending a sick day laying around in bed. every once in a while i just have to stay in bed for a day (or 2), to really relax & unwind & de-stressify. i always blame it on allergies, but it's probably just plain ol' exhaustion. but by the end of day 2 i am just so DONE with laying around that i feel re-energized & motivated to DO STUFF, in a very focused kind of way.
p.s. you are quick with the ads, woman! did not expect to see the kuhmillion one at the top of the page this evening! yay! : ) thx!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Stephanie, oh my gosh!! I just visited Avec Eric's site...and see that he's on KLRU! YAY KLRU! This makes me excited. For anyone else who's interested ...

Thank you for the tip, kitten.

@Angie -- HI Angie!! Ok, not only do I *love* your blog name, but that Penne w/ Squash, Chickpeas & Olives business is making me drool on this computer. I may also be in love with your crocheted blanket on your Art/Craft site as well ... just saying.

And hey! Welcome back to Austin! Are you into growing your own produce? If so, my buddy runs a biz you might dig: He'll build a vegetable garden in your yard!

@Amy -- I'm on that site like white on rice. Ok, her stuff looks amazing!! I must meet her. Does she ever give cooking classes?

@Katie -- Haha, I just "heard" you saying that comment and it cracked me up. :)

Well, to be fair, not ALL sickness puts me in a zen, dreamy state of mind, where wisdom just APPEARS. I am mostly referring to fever sickness here. If it's allergies, well. That's simply annoying.

But fever = something different. I don't know. I get in an alternate mental state. It's really uncomfortable for a while, but then, kinda relaxing and cool.

@TrophyBoutique -- Laurel, that's a terrific idea. I think I will convenient leave my lap top open ... in the kitchen ... cued up to Kathryn's blog. Specifically, this post:

Whaaaaaaaat! MMM.

@Dad -- Now it's true, that breakfast has been working for you for YEARS. And, no colon strain? Bonus!! Hahaha.

Question: Do you and Mom grind your own flax seed, or buy it "pre-ground?" It is possible to purchase it already ground up

@Beth -- Of course (with the ad)! We aim to please here at Austin Eavesdropper.

Yes, I think there is such a thing as Meaningful Illness. Things accumulate in your system and sometimes, you need to just purge it. Even if those those things are simply mental, and your purge is more the relaxation kind.

By the way, you are one of the most industrious and entrepreneurial women I know. You not only DESERVE days off every once in a while; I think they probably help you focus on all of your many projects!


What a cool perspective to take on being sick! And I have felt your pain when it comes to the too-much-drinking-and-crap-food problem. Here are my fave meals for "clean eating:"
-Chop up tons of root vegetables-carrots, beets, parsnips, onions, sweet potatoes, etc - toss in a little maple syrup & olive oil and roast until caramelized. Like candy, I tell 'ya.
-Kale sauteed with lemon juice, olive oil, pine nuts & golden raisins.
-Steel-cut oats, cooked with some chopped apple, currants, vanilla & a dash of cinnamon which they're now saying is crazy healthy. A dash of milk & sprinkle of chopped almonds, and I could eat a bowl of this morning, noon and night.

I'm a Mess said...

I was JUST talking about having my palm read! Let us know how it goes! I'm curious to see if there's any truth to these fortune tellers!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Camille -- Girl you only READ MY MIND! I ate steel cut oats this morning, with chopped almonds, almond milk, and a few blueberries ...mmm. I took a slight wrong turn when I decided to add a full TBSP of molasses, but added more milk in to balance things out. You know me -- zero cooking intuition!! Next time I'll know that a small *drizzle* of molasses will be fine.

And I loooooove the chopped veggies/MS/olive oil recipe! Yummy!!! We do something similar, but only with olive oil. Maple syrup...GENIUS. I might have to try that one tonight.

@KellynD -- You should totally sign up/come! I think the 10-minute Tarot readings that day are just $10.

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

I always get sick when I take on too much. I recently went on an elimination diet, and found I have a sensitivity to gluten. It's been really hard to adjust. I love wheat bread and pasta! Anywho. Good luck with eating more fresh foods!

Christi @ Rumination Avenue said...

Maybe feeling centered is your emotional response to a ridding of toxins?

I was so in your shoes a few years ago, my husband joked that I was domestically challenged b/c I had no idea how to cook. Now that I've turned 30 and have children, I got it together. You know what helps? Blogging about food and trading design "porn" for cookbook "porn." I just quoted, porn. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Tolly, I am so flattered that you visited my site and left a comment! I'm a big fan of your work (but not a big fan of being sick). I don't give cooking classes, but I'd love to trade you a some whole food cooking tips in exchange for a stir fry recipe or two! :)

Pink Sun Drops said...

Lately, I've been loving for easy, go-to recipes. I'm not a fan of "diet", but once I realized cookinglight is all about using fresh ingredients, not diet ones, I was all over it.

Anonymous said...

I was only sick for a single day, but for some reason, I feel "changed" after it. Still can't put my finger on it. I'll get back to you if I ever figure that out later.