Friday, January 14, 2011

Photo Friday.

You guys are kind of amazing.  Thank you for what you wrote me in the comments section of yesterday's post.

Ross is in the kitchen making breakfast right now, because -- guess what -- we have a bunch of friends in town!  I woke up this morning to find a cardboard cut-out of John Wayne in our living room, which apparently Texas Land and Cattle "gifted" (i.e. allowed to be stolen by) our rowdy friends last night while I was at aerial dance class.  Not gonna lie, it's pretty awesome: It's John Wayne in military garb, and he's currently standing at attention about four feet away from me.

Anyway, instead of writing today, I dug up some of my favorite pictures from the last few months.  I hope you enjoy!

 I took this picture with the phone: Not Hipstamatic, but ... something else. Oh I love you, fake lomo photo apps!

That's me with my beautiful friend Beka, whom I miss very much.  She visited not too long ago, and I took her out to El Chile.  It may or may not have been part of a ploy to get her to move back to Austin.

At ACL: The handiwork of Magda Sayeg, i.e. Knitta Please.

A lamp at La Sombra that I crave.  I have a thing for furniture and decor made out of unfinished branches.

BABIES!!  My two adorable nephews. Does this picture not make you grin so hard?

I can't remember where I took this leaf / tree picture (or the one above it).  But I like the way it turned out.

A metal "couch" in a yard in my neighborhood.  Played with this in editing software to get that spotlight effect.  Looks kinda cool, non?

My baby holding a gourd at Central Market.  Insert your own phallus joke here.

Me holding my friend Megan's dog. (Well, kind of her dog -- it's her friends' dog).  I was like Lennie with the rabbits with this tiny creature.  Can you see the look of fear in its eyes?

Work from an artist Ross and I saw on the East Austin Studio Tour, at Blue Genie.  I don't know the artist's name, but maybe you do.  Really dig the pop art style going on here.

happy friday!


TrophyBoutique said...

Hey that metal couch is outside my old house! It's weird to recognize a metal couch first thing in the morning.

Nice shots!

adbower said...

Tell my brother-in-law that I expect at least eight bush-pushes.

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Would it be strange to take a seat in that metal couch and just wait and see what your neighbor says? Love that pop art too. Real classy.

TipsyTexan said...

I don't generally follow the "size matters" school of thought... but that squash is pretty hot, you know, for produce.

Anonymous said...

1) The babies picture looks like the cover of a rap album made by babies.

2) Every time -- EVERY time -- we pass by the butternut squashes in HEB, the roommates insist on laughing VERY loudly and, uh, "gesturing" with them.

Jackie said...

My boyfriend has a cut out batman at his parent's place. It was in his bathroom, so it was awkward washing your hands with batman judging you.

RandiB said...

Great pictures. I really like those pop art paintings!

Cory Ryan said...

We should have a craft night (with an electrician friend) and MAKE those La Sombra lamps!!! Seriously. Oh yeah, there's a craft night brewing for the 21st, so mark your calendar now!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Cory Ryan -- Cory I would be SOOOOO into Craft Night and making those lamps! Wut wut! Seriously. Let's do that.

@LiberatED -- Thank ya! I like 'em too. Hope we figure out who the artist is.

@Jackie -- Haha. I know. John Wayne keeps making me do a double-take. It's funny, though, because he's like GRINNING. Not acting like a tough cowboy...but like the sweet gay man he actually was. :)

@TheFirstKitchen -- HAha. I think I've read those same roomates' comments on your blog. ;) Anyway, we're useless in the produce section sometimes. Or rather, I am useless (because I am a 12-year-old boy), while Ross dutifully does the shopping, and humors we sometimes with photo poses.

@Tipsy Texan -- I mean right?

@Tanya -- Girl, forget sitting in it. You don't know how many times I've thought about STEALING it.

@Tony -- Ha. Will do, sir.

@TrophyBoutique -- WHAAAA??? You used to live in that house?! With the awesome metal yellow couch? Did it used to be yours?

Corey Wilkey said...

i love these! and i feel sad that i missed yesterdays post until just now! but you are right, all the people that commented are so amazing!

Cynthia Wenslow said...

Is the metal couch just a couch? My grandparents had one just like it that was really a glider. It totally rocked. Um, pun unintended.

Anonymous said...

Awww so cute that you included a picture of the babies! - Heather

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Great photos, Tolly! I love that you're having fun with getting into photo editing. Hope your weekend was absolutely fabulous!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Corey -- Right? I want to hug this blog's readers. ALL OF THEM.

@Cynthia -- LOL, "rocked." It's probably a glider.

@Anonymous -- Of course, Heather! They make my face hurt they are so cute.

@Chelsea -- Thanks girl, y tu tambien.