Sunday, April 13, 2008

The 3am girls

Last night, K, N, S, A, and I (can we make word out of that? KANSAI? SKIAN? ASINK? A SINK? A sink!) went out to Rain for my belated birthday dance-off. Got home around 3-4am. Feeling quite the party girl lately! Anyway: this is a truly magical group of girls. Why so magical?

Because whether it's on a proper dance floor, standing at the bar, or standing next to a tiny overhead speaker in front of Halcyon playing Depeche Mode, there's never not perfect place to have a dance circle. They just get it started! The poor grad students at Halcyon (the lone coffee shop/"lounge" on 4th), earnestly hammering out their theses, just shook their heads at our antics - 5 unpredictable, out of control girls getting a little too excited about "Enjoy the Silence." Oh, the delicious irony! I'm sorry grad students. (NOT!)

It's these types of people everyone must have in their life. Thank you girls, for being in mine.

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