Monday, April 14, 2008

My walks

...have become addictive.

Addicted to exercise! Isn't that fabulous? I exercise regularly, actually, but never in a "I'm sooo addicted to exercise! I love to sweat!" type of way. Never ever.

Anyway, here is why my walks are badass:

THAT is what I saw tonight on my walk!!

Not that exact peacock in particular, but a peacock. Walking around in someone's backyard.

Shockingly (or perhaps not, if you've spent time around peacocks), I heard him way before I saw him. I was listening to music on headphones when all of a sudden there is this squawking out of nowhere, and I followed it. I thought I might see...a monkey? A child? What yells at the top of its lungs like this?

And there he is: a peacock! Walking around a rather unkempt backyard in Hyde Park. He was so amusingly out-of-place - I mean, there he was, and there was a bar-b-q grill. Who are you going to show your feathers to, buddy? The dog? The swing set? Me? (And he totally did, by the way - I still got it!!).

P.S. - I love how the girl peacock in this picture is so not into it. She's like whatever...I'd rather eat. Mmmmm.

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