Tuesday, May 13, 2008

...But I like drugs best of all

It was Mother's Day last weekend, and R. and I went to go visit his folks in Grapevine. While having brunch with the family, his mom got on the subject of R's favorite things. I happen to know very well that R's favorite thing is "drums," and told his mom so. Unfortunately, she heard it as "drugs."

This, then, is the reason she got a puzzled look on her face when I proudly proclaimed:

"Isn't it great? R. loves me more than drugs!"

(Not what I said, rather, but what she heard).

R. saw the confusion on his mother's face, and, always quick to clarify, said:

"No mom - I love Tolly more than DRUMS. DRUMS. But, I like drugs best of all."

Poor mom.

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