Tuesday, May 6, 2008


...is enlightening.

Since joining a couple of months ago, I have learned that a number of people I knew in high school have, lo and behold, moved back to the old neighborhood after college. Does this happen with everyone? Does everyone's hometown exert the same magnetic force that Alamo Heights does?

I have such conflicted feelings when it comes to my high school experience. On the one hand, I had a dear, wonderful group of friends, did well in school, enjoyed a handful of boyfriends - overall had a blast. And on the other, I was a product of my Mayberry-like surroundings. I remember, for example, calmly explaining to a girl on my dance team why homosexuality was a sin. (My, how that thinking would change! - is that you, Jon, Jeff and Eddy, cackling in the background?).

So - the switch. When did it happen? Was it college? Was it leaving town? Was it Austin, TX? Was it my first class on feminism? Was it dating guys with blue spiky hair, instead of blond football players? Was it my first recycling bin? My first drink? My first presidential vote? (Ralph Nader ballot! I know I know - I'm sorry Al Gore).

I am so interested to hear from anyone who has morphed into a completely different being than their high school selves. And, I realize this is a common phenomenon - hello, college - but nearly 10 years after I've graduated from Alamo Heights, I am amazed at the number of people who move back and start families of their own. Maybe it's comfort. Maybe it's the beautiful homes. Maybe it's something so many of us eschew these days - a sense of family tradition.

But I'll take Austin any day.


Jon said...
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Jon said...

Well, this queen used to be a Jesus Freak in H.S., too, calmly trying to justify why it was hard to look away when the football team jogged by sans shirts. Or why all the hot girls in school seemed to flock to me for dating advice peppered with witticisms and puns.

Or why the swim team tried to recruit me.

(The latter should have been the blaring metaphor I needed for sexual clarity, in hindsight.)

Tolly M said...

Haha, Jon - I have no doubt the swim team knew a catch when they saw one.