Sunday, May 18, 2008

Don't ya wish your unrequited-love-crush was hot like me?

Here at Quacks in Hyde Park, under the pretense of writing stories for Rare. (P.S. - The "Rarest of them All" issue of Rare Magazine, with winners written up by yours truly, is on newsstands now! Look for the cool, collage-looking cover designed by Austin local Missi Jay). Am also anticipating the possible arrival of new friend/long-time girl crush, "Chloe," whom I've talked about before.

Saw Chloe at the gym this morning, and can't remember if I told everyone or not, but we're pals now! As in, have exchanged real names and salutations. Right here at the coffee shop. And, Chloe is utterly delightful. Which is good, because there's always that risk you run with crushes: that the sexy, perfect persona you've built up for them in your mind is nothing like the somewhat disappointing individual they are, once they've opened their mouths.

Anyway, it just now occurred to me that should Chloe and I become actual buddies, I have to stop blogging about her. Which would ruin all the fun! I've already accepted that she'll probably conclude I'm incredibly creepy someday. But who cares? I sort of am. Why not embrace it. However it would breach the rules of friendship to keep on broadcasting to the world my imaginary assumptions about my long-time girl crush / friend, right? (Not that poor R. has escaped this fate -- at least with him I tell it like it is, such as his propensity for vacuuming up flies).

Anyway, for now, I'll let her live in ignorant bliss.

**Edited to add:** Chloe actually did show up at the coffee shop. And yes I had to furiously change windows on my computer right before she walked up and saw me writing about her, stalker-style.

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