Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Music to my mouth

What's the word when you aren't starving, but your mouth aches for a certain flavor, a singular texture, a just-ripe-enough banana or perhaps just-melty enough cone of cookies n' cream ice cream? Oh yeah: a CRAVING.

Guys, I don't know what the deal is (and nope, not pregnant), but I can't stop thinking about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lately. Isn't that weird? I used to have the best job about two years ago working at this local daycare Habibi's Hutch, where every day at lunch, the two-year-olds would take literally two bites of their Danimals yogurt and leave. Who needs lunch when there is a sprinkler five feet away from you, just sitting there?

The teachers, like the broke vultures we were, would then descend on the kids' untouched Animal Crackers, Pirate Booty, and PB&J's. Omigod, so good. You didn't even have to bring your own lunch! This is Austin, and hippie Austin parents pack awesome stuff for lunch: I saw organic hummus and tabouli twice as often as I saw a Lunchable. (And now that I think about it - did I ever see a Lunchable? Do kids eat those anymore? Are they "cool?" I can't tell).

I'm thinking of going to the H-E-B at Hancock Center right now (11pm on a Wednesday) for the express purpose of buying peanut butter. Until I do though, let's talk about some cravings y'all. R. is totally into rolling his own cigarettes now. I used to be freaking obsessed with sweet potatoes (beta carotene deficiency?). What are yours?

My top 5 include:

5. Tomato-and-basil veggie burgers from Morningstar
4. The salad bar at Whole Foods. Yes the whole thing. Went there today for lunch, in fact.
3. Chilango margaritas at El Chile - spicy and orange-y and heavenly
2. Feta cheese (what?)
1. Salty oat cookies at Quacks (don't hate y'all - I know the salt part sounds weird - just go try one and you'll FREAK).

Sadly, I can't go to another grocery store right now, though - as I was telling you guys about my dumb cravings, another cat invaded our house and is walking around like he owns the place! Claudia (our kitty) is all puffy-tailed and pissed, so it appears I've got a situation to take care of.

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thelizness said...

Ohh, delicious post!

My top five (today, at any rate) would have to be:

5. A specific concoction from the Whole Foods salad bar including their field greens, feta and pecan salad (minus the olives) with balsamic-marinated onions. YUM!)
4. The field greens salad from NXNW
3. A bottle of wine (or two) and a cheese plate at Primizie
2. A fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil salad (or bruschetta)
1. Mexican martinis & fish fajitas at Polvo's