Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chilango margaritas are my only friend

Let it be known that the Chilango Margarita at El Chile is officially my favorite drink!

I'm giving it my personal prize: Gold star, Chilango Margarita! Austinites, have you tried this? No? Well, don't just take my word for it. Listen to Jessica S. at Austin Yelp, talking about El Chile:

"I'm sure I've eaten here. I know I liked the food. I know I loved the salsa. I don't think I've ever been disappointed by the food. Or the service.

I do know that I've had several Chilangos here. And that's why I can't remember the food.

I do remember that I love those, though."

Yes, Jessica S., yes. I just finished having one this evening, and seriously, how can you say no to this drink. It's spicy, it's orange-y, the sides are rimmed with "lucas" (that tangy/citrusy stuff that used to come in little green packets, that you liked off the palm of your you guys know what I'm talking about? Or was that just a San Antonio thing? Do you all think I'm horribly unsanitary now?)

Non-Austinites, please come and try one. Hey, speaking of that: what's everyone's favorite drink? I'm taking a poll. Well, actually, I'm wrapping up a poll right now about everybody's favorite candy when they were a kid. What? Yes: it is currently on this blog's sidebar, but shall disappear soon enough. Just vanish away! And then, we can all move onto alcohol.

I should point out, though, that the majority of folks here favored Reese's Pieces as a child. In fact, no one liked Tootsie Rolls, that miserable excuse for chocolate. Good for you. I knew you all had good taste.

Let's end the night with a pretty outfit.

An homage if you will to one of my favorite characters of all time, Penny Lane in Almost Famous.

Make more movies like this one, Kate!


Anonymous said...

My favorite drink is your basic screwdriver but I like it with absolute vodka, not the gross stuff the bar uses!

Tolly M said...

Ah yes, the screwdriver...always a classic, Amy.

I fancy a basic mojito, when chilango margaritas are not within arm's reach.

Zelda said...

Never had a Chilango...I'm not even sure I've ever been to El Chile (is that the place where they have rose petals in the sink in the girls bathroom & they give all the ladies a rose when they leave?) But, I'm definitely going to put that on my To Do list :)

Stephanie Mayabb - Mgr. Media Relations said...

all hail the chilango!!