Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5 things I routinely give up only to come desperately crawling back

1. Coffee

2. Meat

3. Us Weekly

4. The desire to lose 5 lbs

5. Splenda

I'm sure you all have some too. So what are yours, Austinites and non-Austinites?

There are many vices for which I am (usually) on the side of Right: cigarettes, buckling my safety belt, reality shows (for which we must turn only to Bravo, home of classy reality television, with the occasional exception of Rock of Love or Keeping up with the Kardashians). And then there are plenty of things that are probably not exemplary but I am nowhere near giving up: hog-tying the cat, for instance (Oh stop. She loves it.)

Switching subjects - guess what I did, everybody? I discovered and have started using Google Analytics!! I can hardly express my excitement for learning what a "body tag" was in HTML-speak, so that I could properly install its tracking service. Isn't that sad? Things have truly taken a turn for the worse when you're excited about body tags.

Anyway, I discovered that people from 24 countries have read this blog! Wow! I was operating under the impression that pretty much only Austin people, i.e., my friends who I conned into it, as well as a handful of my buddies from California, were reading this. Like, 8 people or so. Apparently I'm wrong so you tell me, Alaska, or alternatively, South Africa, whose residents are mysteriously logging onto That Austin Girl on a fairly regular basis (thank you!): What would you like to see? Do you enjoy hearing about my atrocious eye makeup? The oddball delight that is Austin Craigslist? I mean, personally, I enjoy talking about ending the lives of swarming flies through a swift vaccuum-cleaner induced death, but maybe I'm shouting into a void there with unsavory things like that.

Or, if you're like me, you just enjoy being voyeuristic. And that's cool too.


ILA said...

I read your blog religiously and I’m all the way in Sactown.

Tolly M said...

Ila!!! You just made my day. Thanks girl!!