Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Perfume for the people

This has nothing to do with Austin, but I'm reading a delicious book right now I want everyone to know about:

It's so rich and gossipy - and it's about perfumes! The authors are not afraid to put some scents right in their place, and I love all the declarative, oh-no-you-didn't damning of the unworthiest scents. Here are Luca Turin's thoughts, for example, on men's sport fragrances:

"This is stuff for the generic guy wishing to meet a generic girl to have generic offspring. It has nothing to do with any other pleasure than that of merging with the crowd. My fondest hope is everyone will stop buying them and the genre will perish. Just say no."

Isn't that a tongue-lashing? Sit down, sport frangrances: Luca just called you out.

Here's one more, from Luca's wife (I think?) Tania Sanchez, advising us on how to go against type when selecting a personal fragrance:

"Some mischief and surprise are needed to keep life fresh, for you to smell your perfume anew. Therefore, I urge you, if you are a floral gal, to set prejudice aside and wear a thing without flowers. If you are a luxury goods kind of gal, with a Kelly bag on your arm and Manolos on your feet, I urge you to try on something that you believe to be beneath you. If you are ultrafeminine, wear a man's scent. And if you are butch, doll it up for once. Live a little. Try it on. It's only perfume."

Isn't is glorious? Don't you want to be friends with these people?

I at least want to wear some perfume to work tomorrow.

I have always been attracted to either spicy, Asian scents myself, or edible-smelling things that Bath & Body loves to create. I own a lotion called "Cinnamon Rolls" or something ridiculous like that, and it smells wonderful. Like you could eat my arm.

Austinites, do you favor a scent?


Amy said...

I'm commitment phobic when it comes to scents -- probably related to the fact my mom broke out in hives whenever a wore perfume. However, I did read last week in Oprah's Magazine (I'm a fan what can I say?) that perfumes only have a shelf life of about 18 months. This was mildly concerning to me since the few bottles I do own I've probably had since high school. Have the perfume experts said anything about the life of perfume?

Breyonce said...

I'm not a huge fan of food scents on people, with the exception of one or two items from B&B Works. Most vanilla fragrances give me a headache. I like light florals or really fresh frangrances - I love Chance by Chanel or Pure White Linen by Estee Lauder. For guys, I'm recently into Cordovan by Banana Republic. Spicy, woodsy - manly.

Anonymous said...

"anonymous" beka again! thanks for introducing me to suave cocoa lotion a few years back... that is all. XOXO

Primetime said...

Smell great. Smell like a man. Smell like a great man.
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Tolly M said...

Ok, seriously! Primetime, no!

buynewfriends said...

scent of choice? amber oil. makes me want to do myself!

maybe i should be trying this alpha male fighter cologne though hmmm...


Jon said...
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Jon said...

Tolly! I was in the new Anthropologie (my apologies) store in Roseville the other day and stumbled across this same book. I flipped open to a random page (I think it was the Dior section--natch) and guffawed at a description of one of the scents.

Well, not so much the description of the scent, but her description of walking into Macy's drunk and trying it on and then declaring that she loved how it smelled like Amaretto or something. It was only later that she realized the Amaretto was her.

Respect to any fellow human being who realizes the joy of drunk shopping. And then admits to doing it in a perfume book.