Monday, August 25, 2008

Jobs-on-the-side: A cautionary tale.

I routinely put this post up, then take it down, then put it back up. Just paranoid I guess.

If it's not here right now, check back in soon - I promise it'll come back.


Breyonce said...

"Reader, I almost wet myself."

You are my hero.

Anonymous said...

hello dear, it's your "anonymouos" friend beka. i remember your nude modeling day- did you know that some of our friends are nude in magazines? shame, go sit over there on that shelf.

Lauren said...

Hey Tolly! It's Lauren, as in Roma & Revi's mom. I found your blog from a link on JB's blog (that's JB of the JB & Sandy Mix 94.7 Morning Show). Cute story.

My mom did some modeling at the UT art department way back at the dawn of time (the early 1960's). A few years ago, one of her acquaintances said she had a really interesting face and he'd like to paint her. While she sat for his sketches their conversation came around to her long-ago modeling experience. They suddenly realized that she had posed in the same life-drawing classes that he had attended as a student under Professor Charles Umlauf. The painter rummaged around in his studio and pulled out a nude painting he had made years ago from a sketch of my mom in that art class. It's gorgeous. He gave it to her but she won't display it becasue of the nudity. She'll probably give it one of her grandchildren when their grown.

Just think, in 40 years, you could stumble across some lovely artwork inspired by your job-on-the-side.