Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rory McNeill + More Polyvore fun

Is there any everyday task that you perform in such a way as to give your friends and loved ones cause for concern? R. experiences heart palpitations, for example, when I handle knives. Maybe for you, it's your driving skills. Or worse, your dancing skills.

Well for many Austin ladies, choosing a hair stylist is a Big Deal. A decision that gives them anxiety. As it should: we're a city of stylishly-coiffed people. I walked into a party last night for example, and the kitchen alone was virtually bursting with adorably ironic, mullet-headed cuties. Sort of like:

Exactly, like that guy. Austin girls wear this look very well. I am not one of them but no matter - for any self-respecting hipster, boring hair is simply inexcusable in a city like ours.

all of that being said, Rory McNeill is someone you should know about.

Rory's glam little space, Roar on E. 5th, has been operational for about a year now. I won't tell you too much because the real story will be in the November Rare, but suffice it to say that Rory himself has highlights to die for (he's a colorist, natch), a dreamy team of stylists, and a salon that basically looks like my fantasy apartment. Think old Hollywood, Bette Davis aesthetic, if Ms. Davis had an affection for the Texas hill country. A harlequin chandelier here, a set of antlers there. You know: Texas!

(Maybe I exaggerate on the antlers get the idea.)

And, guys...y'all know TLC's "A Makeover Story?" Rory was on that show! (As the makeover-administering person. Not makeover recipient. Pause: how fun would it be though to go on one of those shows? Even if you're not unfortunate-looking? I honestly get choked up at the end of "What Not to Wear" when the made-over person has their big reveal, and everyone basically acts like it's the second coming - "OH my GOD! I can't believe it!") Anyway, I think it happened while he was heading up this tucked-away, referral-only salon in Chicago called Tousle. But now, Rory is ours - all ours! - right here in Austin.

Secondly: I cannot stop playing with Polyvore.


Anonymous said...

Argh post-modern ironic mullets - they're everywhere including here in the UK :/

Still interesting blog never been to the states but would like to visit at some point.



Tolly M said...

You should come to Austin, Adrian!! We're fun.

And p.s., I love the UK.