Sunday, August 17, 2008

I heart Sarah Dean

So, I just interviewed Sarah Dean for Rare about 15 minutes ago. Sarah is a vintage stylist, and girlfriend does some kickass work. I was so enchanted by her company that I had to come tell you guys about her.

Pretty rad, right? I have to save the nitty gritty for the actual story in Rare's fashion issue (November), but I can tell you this: not only is Sarah a talented stylist with bang pow clothing taste, she shared an awesome idea while we were talking.  An idea I really hope materializes: wearing no new clothes for an entire year.

It's more than just wearing her old, pre-existing duds.  Like, I have to save money, so I won't go shopping for a year and I'll keep doggedly wearing these 2006 skinny jeans the whole time dammit. It's much cooler than that, because actually, she can still go shopping - however, all purchased items must have previously belonged to different owners. So for one twelve-month period, her body shall don only second-hand, be it vintage Dior or Salvation Army girl scout uniforms.

Isn't that a cool idea? She wants to document it too, through a blog or website. In addition to being a "vintage" effort, it's a green one too, which just makes the whole thing that much more Austin-fabulous.  So Sarah: do it, lady!

Switching subjects - sort of, since this actually ties into Sarah too - have you guys ever heard of this book?

Garlic and Sapphires was probably the best book I read last year. It's written by Ruth Reichl, former food critic for the New York Times, who documents the way she conducted her restaurant reviews - in disguise.  

See, clever Ruth knew that every restaurant she visited would put on this big production if the Food Critic for the New. York. Times was in attendance, so she visited each restaurant one time as herself, and one time dressed up as somebody completely different.

Anyway, one of Ruth's favorite disguises for herself was a character she invented named Brenda. "Brenda" had bright red hair, dressed in loud, colorful clothes, wore a big smile and laughed at everything.  Ruth describes her as the "best possible version" of herself.  And you know, that's exactly who Sarah reminded me of: Brenda.  Right down to the red hair.  

If you guys met Sarah, I think you would agree that she's the best possible version of somebody, too: funny and self-deprecating, open and kind.  I wrote down everything she said, because she was so effortlessly quotable (a rare luxury, truthfully, in any interview.  Instead of having to tease clever, quippy sentences out, I couldn't keep up with the great stuff she said.  "The first time I saw a vintage Barbie as a kid, I knew I wanted to dress like a cupcake every day."  "I never met a floral pattern I didn't like." - Love?) 

Anyway, when I told Sarah she reminded me of Brenda, Brenda who was Ruth's favorite disguise, outgoing in her personality and clothes, Sarah had a great response.  "Well, why didn't she dress like that every day?"


Anonymous said...

shes pretty much a stupid bitch

That Austin Girl said...

What a charmer!