Sunday, August 31, 2008

A living room in Hyde Park wages War on Ugliness

So today on this lovely Labor Day weekend, R. and I are transforming our formerly horrendous living room ceiling into something fabulous. Or at the bare minimum, something not an assault to the senses.

You know how, in every office, there's that ugly, white, porous-looking ceiling tile?

That is our living room ceiling. 

We have lived with this sorry excuse for a ceiling over a year now.

And there not sufficient adjectives in the English language to properly describe the magnitude of my ceiling hate.

And - as if that weren't enough - the ceiling uses fluorescent lighting. Horrors.

So, yesterday was the Day of Reckoning for the ceiling. I bought some pretty fabric (at Fanny's - magical) to cover each and every monstrous rectangle. And it is actually turning out quite lovely!

Here is an in-progress shot:

It's not the best shot ever, but as you can see, we're doing green and brown thing. We thought that would go best with our carpet, which is PINK (also not our choice, but we're renters, so what can ya do, eh?)

Our goal is to finish it tomorrow.

Austinites - whether you live in Hyde Park or otherwise - are any of you working on any home improvement projects? Ceilings, walls, or perhaps furniture?

I'm putting together a Q&A for God's least favorite nightlife blog, The Famousish. They are fellow Austin bloggers and pretty damn rad. I'm going to try and send them some questions tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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Anna said...

GIRL! I am in the midst of so many home improvement projects that I am having to stay in on the weekends like a little old lady to finish them all. Of course, I also have to stay in because I'm broke from buying all the materials for said projects. Hmm. Anyway, I am up to my elbows in a wall-fabric project right now -- I'm hoping to finish it in the next couple of days. I'm very excited to see your finished fabric ceiling -- what a cool idea!