Monday, September 1, 2008

"It's not what good boys do"

Ok, remember Kate Perry's "I Kissed a Girl?" Very popular, caused a quasi-stir, is probably playing on a Top 40 radio station right now? Check out Temposhark's fab cover:

Are you loving it?? I am! (Thanks Arjanwrites for this gem!)

As of yet, it's only an audio clip - they played it for a London radio station on Saturday - but these guys won SXSW 2008 Sound Checks award for best music video, so we can only hope a cheeky visual accompaniment will follow. Do it, Temposhark!

(No, they're not coming to ACL, already checked. But Vampire Weekend is. Doesn't VW look exactly like what would happen if Demetri Martin started a band? Is that Demetri Martin?)

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Patrick C. said...

The funny thing about "I Kissed A Girl" is that giving it to a male singer immediately removes all the song's power and makes it into some kind of hilarious statement. Rarely has satirizing something been so simple.

Very cool clip, and you might want to check out a great cover by piano-playing singer-songwriter Max Vernon at

Also, Vampire Weekend writes songs about grammatical trivia. Demetri Martin, if in a band, would probably write songs about math.