Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Margaritaville + Reason to get excited about September 15

I don't know about you guys, but I love shocking my non-Texas friends when I tell them how hot our state is. "103 degrees?? Are you joking?" It's a badge of honor, in their minds at least, to merely exist in this climate. But hey, it's not like we don't reward ourselves - we lead the nation in bars per capita, after all.

So with heat and alcohol in mind, my new friend Dave Crey just forwarded me a fun tip - a margarita tasting happening next week at The Belmont. Y'all interested? It's one hour, and if you go, you receive a Belmont $25 gift certificate. I think it's even free.

Tim Sabo is coordinating it, so if you wanna go, email him at tim.sabo@ideacity.com along with answers to the following questions:

1. Your Name

2. Ague

3. Gender

4. Are you available on Monday, August 11th?

5. Do you prefer lunchtime or after 4:00 pm?

--And that's it.

Oh Belmont - I love that Monday margarita tasting, during lunchtime on a work day per question #4 and 5, isn't even a second thought! Just a preference. They might as well ask, "would you prefer to drink before your afternoon meeting with sales, or after?"

This is the reason my company needs to have a downtown office.

In other news, do you guys all remember Rene Geneva? Girlfriend is kind of a big deal - in fact, she was on WE (Women's Entertainment) Network last night (channel 28 for local cable-users), on their program Wedding Central. She did a show with them called "Amazing Wedding Gowns," where they picked just three wedding dress designers to feature - including VERA WANG - and Rene was one of them!! Would you like to see one of her dresses?

I know, holy ridiculousness. She does tons of other stuff too, and it's double-neato because it's all eco-friendly. What else? Oh yeah - Thievery Corporation is wearing her stuff on tour (with a stop at this year's ACL, y'all!) right now. Can you believe this badass?

Anyway, that brings me to September 15, when 44 Whole Foods stores around the country will start carrying Rene's stuff in their "Whole Living" section. And p.s. - they already do here at the Austin Whole Foods. So when this girl explodes, which is not even a pipe dream with the whole green fashion craziness going on right now, just remember - you heard it here first.

Lastly: has anyone noticed how freaking every Hollywood family is having twins these days? Angelina, Jennifer Lopez, Marcia Cross - even P. Diddy and Elvis Costello?? What's up with that? Well, KXAS-TV in Dallas has a little theory about that.

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