Wednesday, August 6, 2008


OMG you guys - tomorrow morning, R. and I leave for Savannah!!

Alright so, full disclosure: we're technically going to Hilton Head, South Carolina. Which also looks neato. It's just that Savannah's a mere hour away, and I've been excited about Savannah ever since I read this book. So it's probably the case that we'll only have a day there...but we WILL have one. Oh yes. A day we shall have.

I've gotten some cool Savannah recommendations from Jenny and Jill. Here's where they say to go: JJ Cagney's, which sounds sorta Austin-y. Live music with low-lit, laid-back ambiance. That and Bistro Savannah, which may be a little too estrogen-tastic for R. ("burnished heart-pine and exposed gray brick walls make this an ultra-chic yet casual dining favorite!"). But his little sister Jen will be with us, so maybe we'll dine there while he goes and finds a drum somewhere to play.

Does anyone know of any other cool Savannah (or Hilton Head) activities? And did you know that the Bird Girl statue is now in a museum?! (rather than her rightful cemetery?)

More importantly...what are you all doing this weekend?

Although I won't be around to enjoy these guys, I have an idea for Friday if you don't have plans yet (and live in Austin). 'Til We're Blue or Destroy (best band name ever?) is playing at Emo's on Friday night, who my friend Kullen Fuchs used to play with. Do you still play with them, Kullen? He used to be with R's band The Lennings, and sometimes he plays this funny little instrument that looks like a Casio keyboard with a plastic tube stuck on the end. And to make noise you blow through it, while playing your keyboard.

Now that I think about it, I don't know if it's a real instrument or if he made it.


Anonymous said...

The instrument in question is called a Melodica - I think.

Anonymous said...

melodica, yo. for sure. martin plays one in grimy styles. (SU rockin the house!!)

Tolly M said...

Haha a fellow SU-er, YES!! Dude - Grimy Styles is sort of a big deal these days. When are y'all playing next? (Oh "Anonymous" - reveal your true identity!)

daisysmom said...

So tell me! How did you like our fair city?? (We have a house on Tybee Island- right outside Savannah- and love Savannah.) Did you make it to the Telfair to see 'The Bird Girl'? Did you go drinking on River Street, shopping on Broughton and Bull? What did you DO?? *laughs*