Thursday, August 21, 2008

Songs for unsuspecting boyfriends: The Toadies

Since junior high, The Toadies have provided a soundtrack to my love life. Which isn't that surprising, given the intense yearning of their music.  (It also doesn't hurt that Todd Lewis has, in my opinion, an unusually sexy voice.)

Cases in point:

In the eighth grade, my boyfriend of one week, Matt, gave me a mix tape with "I Burn" on it.  Which I assumed to mean, " ... with love."  Naturally.

My first year in college, the school brought in The Toadies to play live at our campus.  I sat next to my crush, Vincent, and tried to think of something clever to say.  The Toadies sang "Possum Kingdom" in the background, and I said: "That's near Dallas."  He said: "I know."

The next year, I kissed Gabe in his bedroom while "I Will be With Her Tonight" played on his stereo. We tried to figure out whether the narrator of the song was a voyeur, a rapist, or an obsessed ex-boyfriend.  Gabe and I didn't last, but this particular question still does.

The Toadies are playing at Stubbs on September 4, for the bargain price of $25.  Todd Lewis, you will see me there.


Mr. Mono said...

you should check out the 8/15 This American Life ( it has a great act on Music and relationships/break ups.

Tolly M said...

Hey Andre! I'll check that out - I heart Ira Glass + This American Life.