Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One-Eyed Doll + more neato Austinites

So tonight was Rene G's b-day at Melting Pot, and I met 7 new Austinites to get excited about.  These include: 

-Kimberly Freeman, front girl of Austin power-rock duo One-Eyed Doll

-Daniel Upton, artist and owner of local tattoo outfit Golden Apple Studio

-Andre and Leigh de la Reza, the firefighting, twin-raising, bagpipe-playing, attorney-performing duo behind local blog Casa de Monos 

-Nicole Hommertzheim, Kansas native and design/managment assistant to Rene Geneva (am I spelling your last name right, Nicole?)

-Kathy Oglebay, sign language teacher and regional retail buyer at Whole Foods.  Neat story: Kathy started out bagging groceries at WF, and now, she's a fashion buyer for the store - the one who works directly with Rene, as a matter of fact.

-Darren Minke, local artist who does everything from digital art, to stain painting, to film and animation.  Check out his cache of work here.

I checked out One-Eyed Doll's website as soon as I got home, and their music is freaking rad - think Pixies + Veruca Salt.  They are about to go on a UK tour, but before they do, they're having an Austin send-off at Red-Eyed Fly on Sept. 12.  I will definitely be there. 

Lots of neat tidbits from tonight that I'll try to fit in over the next few days - for example, did you know that Whole Foods offers "Tours for Value Shopping?"  (Thanks for that one, Kathy!)  It's this thing where a Whole Foods employee will personally take you around the store and show you how to shop without going broke.  Who says Whole Foods is only for the green elite?


Breyonce said...

You meet ALL the cool people!

Tolly M said...

Including you, Bre!

Anonymous said...

YOU are the neato Austinite!!! :) -kimberly

Tolly M said...

Oh yay it's Kimberly! Can't wait for the show, little lady.

thelizness said...

omg tolly i'm so jealous of your hip connected existence!

Phive. said...

Yeah, Kimberly and Daniel are cool people...I am not sure about the others but they deserve to be up there!

All the Best,