Friday, August 15, 2008

You're so probably think this post is about you

....And if you're Buffy at Vain Salon, then you're absolutely right.

I am visiting Buffy in approximately 17 hours and 3 minutes. I've got roots the size of Texas. And like my girl Kitty, the siren song of blond hair is, for me, never that faint.

So tomorrow we're going blond. Quite blond indeed. And with that blond, there shall be bangs, I've decided. Examples:

I couldn't resist an Olsen.

Ladies, do you do bangs? What are your thoughts? Hip or bothersome? Men, do you wish you were a woman, so you could do bangs? Don't be shy.

And if you are in the market for an excellent Austin colorist, let me sing the praises of Buffy, who has taken me to the dark side and back. Perhaps you don't remember? Here's a sort of blurry photo from me last fall:

Sorry for the awful picture quality. Anyway, Buffy right now has a small legion of devoted clients - but we are growing in number. So if you're in Austin and hair color is in your future, this is the girl you must visit.


Anna said...

One evening I looked in the mirror and decided that I needed a change RIGHT THAT SECOND so I cut my own fringe (as the Brits would say!). Although this sounds like the beginning to a beauty horror story, it worked out quite well -- I am happy to report that I love having bangs. Since the long, just-above-the-eye bangs only last for like a week, I've mostly been wearing them swept to the side. And of course you can always work the quiff by pulling your bangs back and working them to their full height: check out the possibilities!

You must let me know how the haircut (and color) works out!

Tolly M said...

Ooh girl display (or send) pictures somehow!! I wanna see fringed Anna.