Thursday, August 14, 2008

Statesman, y'all

So, I'm in the paper today everybody! And R., too.

You can't see my pic in the online version, but it's on the front page of today's hard copy. Look for the nerd in glasses typing on her laptop.

Before you ask - it's nothing accomplishment-related. It's an interesting story by Eileen Flynn about the "balkanization" of Austin, and how the city is breaking up into it's own little universes - such as, oh, for example, Hyde Park. And seeing as how R. and I rarely leave the neighborhood....well, we were ideal subjects.

During downtime, R. walks back to the shed to make wood things, or his studio to play drums, and I head to Quacks on to write, eavesdrop and stalk Chloe. (Who, sadly, I haven't seen lately. Where are you, friend/crush?)

In other news, got home from work trip last night at 1-in-the-morning-ish. Now, maybe it was because I was so damn tired, but this thing happened at the airport that I can't stop thinking about. It wasn't even that big a deal, just a passing observation. Wanna hear about it anyway?

Picture this: a skinny little blonde boy, maybe 5. He's in front of a downward-moving escalator with his dad, knees shaking. He inches cautiously up to it, Dad right behind him. You can tell he's really nervous, and in all truth, I don't blame him. From the second to the first floor at the Austin Bergstrom Airport, it is a really tall escalator.

He almost takes a step, but not with conviction - besides his toe, the whole rest of his body is leaning backwards. So he sinks down on the floor instead, right in front of the escalator, and into his dad's arms. He can't do it. As he starts crying a little bit, his dad sighs, "Jason..." -In that voice, you know? That calm parent tone. He's seen this before.

Like I said - it was probably lack of sleep. But the whole thing was just so sweet and honest to me. Yes, escalators can be pretty damn scary when you're 5. No, I don't want to step on. Sometimes it would be nice to have your fears so easily defined, yes?

Ever since I was a little kid, big dogs have scared me a little. Isn't that lame? I don't even know where that stems from.

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james said...

Awesome..Congrats! I actually saw it. You look like you are hard at work and pulled it off well!