Monday, August 11, 2008

Putting eggs in the Ann Patchett basket, and bees on Bear Grylls's face

Work-wise, Monday was so severely a Monday today.

You know when work gets so ludicrously insane that you must, out of necessity, go immerse yourself in something else? And then, it's usually to ambition-less effect - magazines, Mad Men, browsing Wikipedia, or whatever?

But on occasion, this happens.

Ann Patchett is one of my favorite writers. I read Bel Canto in India a few years ago, and Truth and Beauty during college. So far, I'm enchanted with Run. I'll tell you all about it as I get further in.

I'll tell you what's not enchanting, though.

Sorry to not give you any warning there. Guys, that is BEAR GRYLLS from "Man Vs. Wild!" Stung on the face by a bee in Baja!

I mean...are there words for this?

Also, remember the Daily Mail's expose last year calling Bear a hack? What say you now, Daily Mail?


Amy said...

I really enjoyed Run, and Truth and Beauty is one of my all time favorites (even though I feel like no one ever talks about it!) She is such a gifted writer!

Breyonce said...

Oh, poor Bear! I'd still tap that.

thelizness said...

Great post, lady! I'll pick up something by Ms. Patchett next time I hit the bookstore. And all I can say is, whoever thinks Bear is a hack should say it to his face... his beautiful, beautiful face (although he loses some of the wow factor when it's half swollen like that--yikes!)

Tolly M said...

Amy - you're so right! No one ever talks about Truth and Beauty (honestly though - maybe it's because the title is kind of *yawn*, even though the memoir itself is so delightful). But I'm so happy to meet another Patchett fan! I read a section in Run yesterday that brought made me cry a little - I love that Patchett can still move me to tears that way.