Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let's talk about toys.

Ok, seriously everyone - Legos?!

If you're new to That Austin Girl, we've been taking a poll this week on everyone's favorite childhood toy. And so far, LEGOS are in the lead. In fact, they've garnered almost 50% of the total vote.

Even more shocking? Teddy Ruxpin, the jumper-suit-wearing talking bear, has 0 votes!! If he heard that guys...his jaw would drop.

(Not that I blame anyone. Teddy frankly scared me a little bit as a child. Kids these days are pretty used to interactive toys, I think, but back then I wanted no part of a stuffed animal who just up and talked. One time my friend Hayden took the Teddy Ruxpin tapes out of that little player in his back, and put his dad's Steppenwolf tape in instead, and I swear to God it was like the exorcist.)

Anyway, not to be a judgmental Judy or anything, but I never saw the appeal in Legos as a kid! Hayden (same dude) invited me over one time, and was like, all pumped that he had just finished putting together the Lego Castle. He set it out on his bed, and we looked at it for a minute, and then as soon as I tried to move the Lego people around I broke the movable drawbridge. That kind of pissed Hayden off.

So I get how the end creation of a big Lego project can be neat (until a stupid girl comes along and breaks it), and I think you must have a lot of patience to complete one. I mean, check this out!

It's a New York, made out of Legos! That's pretty rad, I have to admit.

But anyway, as a kid, and even now as an adult, Legos are just like....yay....something got built. Product = cool, process = kinda boring. Whereas with My Little Ponies or especially Barbies (I really should have included Barbies in this poll) there was a back story, relationships, scandal.

My other friend besides Hayden, Jeannie Kenmotsu (never "Jeannie," always "Jeannie Kenmotsu," because it was so exciting to say!) played Barbies with me, and we used to put Ken and Barbie on top of each other and then walk out of the room. We'd then walk back in and "catch" them making out.



"You guys were kissing and we saw you."

Barbie and Ken were totally busted, and they always remained speechless. Sometimes Barbie would be in various states of undress, and then she really, and I mean really, got in trouble - Jeannie Kenmotsu could give a fierce tongue-lashing when she wanted to, and she had a zero-tolerance policy for Barbie taking off her clothes.

So, Legos people: Given the regular drama of a Barbie/Ken love tryst, or a fantasy world of colorful horses with glittery manes complete with miniature plastic hairbrush (i.e. My Little Ponies)....How can little snap-together building blocks possibly compete??


jb said...

I can't find your email. I lost all my contacts in horrible Stella Artois/laptop accident. Email me.

Crumbs said...

I challenge you to spend even 5 minutes at a table in a restaurant waiting for your food with a handful of Legos AND NOT PLAY with them.

Impossible. Can't be done. You'll be building little rocket ships without even realizing it.

Amber Childres - Publicist said...

Dude, teddy rux all the way. No man will ever live up to that bear. No man, i say.

Jon said...

My leggo men and women had relationships and scandal. But I guess that comes with the territory of being a young gay.

I remember I once built a spaceship with an all-female crew of sexy space avengers. I think they had a pet dragon, too!

Anonymous said...


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