Thursday, September 18, 2008

Saturday: The Lennings, Room to Read


We interrupt the presidential election, collapse of Wall Street, and high-waisted pants trend to bring you this breaking news:

This lovely little organization I'm a part of, Room to Read, is having a fundraiser / SHOW at Hot Mamas this Saturday. It's kid-friendly, it's for a good cause (raises money to build classrooms/libraries all over the world for children in need - heartstrings), and, not gonna lie, the wait staff is really good-looking.

Here's the scoop:

SATURDAY, September 20, 2-5 pm
Hot Mamas Espresso
2401 E. 6th St.

The Lennings (indie pop)
The Ransom Notes (a capella)
Miriam Gould (Eastern folklore storyteller)
Diane Cantrell (author of "Good-Bye Baby Max")


Blubber-making (not really sure! Blubber always fun!)

So, if you know children, herd them all over here. Although adults, I think you will have fun even if you come by yourselves.

During their show The Lennings (yes yes R. is the drummer) are playing songs off their new EP "Geographic Tongue," and did I mention that Ararat, the amazing Middle Eastern place of yore on North Loop, serves some of its dishes at Hot Mamas? (PS - Steve Terebecki from White Denim happens to fancy Hot Mama's La India sandwich, and although I know because I stalk people via the internet, I also know because I think Steve told me once. Dude, Steve! Come say hi!)

Lastly. If you come, bring a book! (It's also a book drive). And nothing lame, like Pre-Calculus Principles v2.6. Dr. Seuss...Harry Potter...these kinds of things.


d.funkt said...

yeah, i highly recommend hamlet 2 in all its offbeat low budget glory. as always, thanks for stopping by!

and yeah, legos were a great childhood toy, less confusing than my erector set.

Anonymous said...

I totally would have been there but I am just now reading this!!!! Bummer! I haven't been to Hot Mama's since that article was written so I'm thinkin' I'm gonna go this weekend!

Hope you're doing ok!!


That Austin Girl said...


Yeah! Thanks for dropping by, buddy!! I, eh, think I'm interviewing you? For Rare. I'll send a fancy email about it. :)