Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm going to be on the radio tomorrow! + Tribute to LEGOS

Y'all! Check it:

That Austin Girl will be on the "JB and Sandy Show" on 94.7 tomorrow morning!

I'm sliding in at 7am, and I don't know for how long or what we shall be discussing, but I'm sure our esteemed hosts will think of something great. And if not, my morning mimosa will.

JB and I met through Rare Magazine, and keep tabs on each other's blogs. He writes a monthly column for front-of-the-book, while I kind of write....whateva. For example, this week I am interviewing a cupcake caterer, the Radio City Rockettes, and composing a "think piece," if you will, on local hangover cures. (All, um, for the Holiday Issue).

Switching subjects dramatically. After some polite trash-talking about Legos this past week, I've come to realize that many of you are in fact quite enamored of those colored plastic interconnecting blocks. Legos are preferred by 15 out of 31 people who voted in our Favorite Toys poll, as a matter of fact!

(Which, it bears mentioning, is way more love than the comparatively high-tech and interactive Teddy Ruxpin got. Sorry Teddy: We so do NOT want to hear a story!).

So being a My Little Ponies / Barbies gal myself, I thought I'd metaphorically extend the olive branch with these impressive, sometimes disturbing, examples of Lego genius. Observe:

Below - Brad and Angelina (with babies!!) Thanks to Sissel for the fun tip!:

Starry Night:

Edward Hopper (I think?):

Yay Austin!!

Ok everyone, brace yourselves - you thought Brad and Angelina in Lego form was pretty good? Check this out:It's Amy Winehouse! Are you loving it??

Here's another serious piece of Lego art, by I believe the same artist as the yellow, chest-ripping open sculpture above:


No I'm just kidding, this is pretty freaking cool, Lego artist man (whose name, I believe, is Nathan Sawaya). Interesting story: This artist left his job as an attorney last year to become a full-time Lego sculptor. In fact, his exhibit "The Art of the Brick" is touring museums in the US right now. Dare to dream, kids!)

So Legos people: I have to admit. You guys can make some rad creations after all. Besides, like, forts and stuff.

Now, off to perform some investigative research on hangover cures.

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