Tuesday, November 18, 2008


OMG I am finally doing it!! Anonymous Austin bloggers, y'all!
So I was incredibly thrilled that so many people responded back to the Austin bloggers post that we did, sheesh, almost 3 weeks ago. Did you know that there are nearly 50 of us out there in ATX, blogging away?!

I discovered some of the coolest stuff after visiting your pages, from a flying vagina taco fish (wow!), to a love letter to yogurt, to a write-in "advice show" by a Texan and a British gal (Snarky Girls - one of my favorite new discoveries! That unfortunately just ended!! Maybe we can all bring it back.)
Anyway.....without further ado, I bring you:

austin bloggers!
(these are just people who responded to the original post!! if you'd like to throw your own in the mix, leave a comment!)

1. Jess said...

hi tolly :)
thanks for calling in today!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jess's blog of AMAZING photography:

2. Jana said...

I'm an Austin blogger! I'm a musician and most of my posting revolves around gigs and road adventures as a merch girl. :)

3. Ana said...

I blog at AustinSoundcheck.com

Everything Austin-music related, from local bands to roadshows to the latest City Council developments related to music. I cover it all.


Anonymous4. Breyonce said...

I don't do much blogging about Austin, but I do live here. But you already knew that.

And I didn't see you at Beauty Bar! For shame!Delete

Blogger5. Chris Trew said...

I read you blog. I do comedy in town and my website/blog is about all of that.

Anonymous6. James said...

I'm an Austin blogger/writer as well. I blog at Coyote Mercury. I write about whatever comes to mind... books, birds, dogs, Austin, whatever.Delete

7. RayRay said...

I'm an austin blogger/music writer. We cover all the musical haps in Austin and general news as well. We also have comics!


8. Chas said...

I'm at http://translucence.orgDelete

9. M1EK said...

I blog at M1EK's Bake-Sale of Bile. Mostly local transportation and other politics.Delete

10. Laura said...


Mariah and Laura blog about life and food in Austin, Texas.

11. Pylorns said...

I've been blogging since 1999, and in Austin since nov. of 2000 with wetwired http://www.wetwired.org. We were actually interviewed a couple months ago by UT newspaper - we put the interview (phone based) as a podcast - I want to say episode 12. It gave us a good opportunity to describe what wetwired blogging was about.Delete

12. Annie in Austin said...

Hello Austin Girl - I'm one of the Austin Garden Bloggers - our group has more than 25 members.

In addition to gardening I write about Austin events like Maker Faire and have a few of the songs I've written on YouTube.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

13. katalinaTX said...

My Blog is Called: "I Like You Because U R a Little Bit Crazy Like Me" the URL is http://katalinatx.blogspot.com

It's a semi private blog, for obvious reasons like potential employment, privacy, safety, etc. But if you send me an email at kfwarnerlaw@gmail.com I would be happy to add you and anyone else who is interested to the listDelete

Blogger14. Aaron said...

Well, first of all, if you blog in or about Austin and aren't posting it to www.austinbloggers.org metablog you certainly should. :-) Second of all I have a very boring and semi-stagnant tech blog not always about Austin at blog.sektormedia.org and I also post semi-regularly at austinist.comDelete

Anonymous15. Jenn Deering Davis said...

I blog in two places:
http://appozitegeist.appozite.com - a blog about style, shopping and social software -
and http://deeringdavis.com - my thoughts on technology as a doctoral student in organizational communication at UT Austin

16. Bob said...

Hey there. I am from Round Rock (close enough, I hope!) and my URL is http://www.cccombobreaker.com. I maintain a WordPress blog about technology, humor, creative writing, and video games. Lots of fun stuff :)

17.Matt said...

Photo blogging from around Austin and any other places I'm fortunate enough to get out to.


Anonymous18. Lani Anglin-Rosales said...

This could be embarrassing or it could be a point of bragging rights, I don't know, but here are all the blogs I have full or partial ownership of:

(1) AgentGenius.com is based in Austin (run from our home office) which is a national real estate magazine (opinion and news).

(2) RERevealed.com is my personal insight on all things Austin *and* real estate.

(3) GoSinglePointe.com is our corporate site exclusively covering Austin real estate.

(4) Snarky Girls is my personal pet project, my girlfriend in London and I have a video blog where we answer viewers' questions.

Wow. That's a lot of blogging- at least I'm using my English degree! I can't wait to see the roundup!!! :)

Anonymous19. Jeff said...

I have two blogs that desperately need updating.

Jeffore.com - I moved to Austin a year and a half ago from the east coast. This blog is mainly to update family and friends back home about what's going on.

Public Ridicule - This is a vanity project of sorts that lets me spew venom at various absurdities

20. Angie said...

I starting checking out your blog from that HEB post that I loved (Kristan commented). We have a shared blog at http://jbu.phuzzymath.net/
about the most random things. Seriously. Is it all right if I'm the only one in Austin?Delete

Blogger21. Stevious said...

I live in Austin and have a blog at http://blog.stevious.com sometimes about Austin, sometimes not...Delete

Anonymous22. Sheena said...

I"m an Austin Blogger, too! I blog about random life stuff and also x-post goodreads book reviews.


Blogger23. Robbie C said...

I'm Robbie and I blog at Urbangrounds.com, which has been rated as Austin's most prominent and influential conservative political blog (yes, there are conservative political blogs in Austin).

24. AC said...
I blog at austincontrarian.com, mostly about Austin land use and urban development.Delete
Anonymous25. Heather said...

I blog mostly about my garden, going green & supporting local business:

http://www.punkgardener.com (WINNER: Best blog name award!)

Blogger26. Lyssa said...

Hey Tolly! I'm one of those who knows you read, so I was lazy about posting ... for shame! Love your blog too :-) thisislifeinaustin.com

27. James said...

They Tolly! We are just putting our name in the hat. We know you read and you know we read yours too!


28. Tiffany Diane said...

1. Austinisburning.com is me,

2. blogging about music, nightlife, art, fashion, etc. Whatever catches my fancy. But mostly about events going on in Austin worthy of note.
and sometimes things that only I find amusing.

29. Zelda said...

Wow! I love seeing all these Austin bloggers reply! This is great for finding new sites :)

I have a personal blog where I write about whatever crosses my mind that day :)


30. Snowed In said...
I blog at snowedin2006.blogspot.com.

The blog started as basically a blog about nothing (hence the almost total lack of thought put into the URL) but has become mostly about local/national politics, with occasional forays into criticizing other local institutions (such as, most recently, both KXAN and Time Warner).
31.Blogger pylorns said...

here's another local Austin blog not updated too often though - Jenn's Wanderlust

Blogger32. Charlie M. said...

I publish a blog about Austin Parks and the work that we do with volunteers at the Austin Parks Foundation - its at: http://austinparks.wordpress.com

-- Charlie McCabeDelete

33. sissel said...

Hey lady - i almost forgot, our friend angela blogs about austin at www.trashcanage.blogspot.comOctober 28, 2008 3:11 PM

Blogger34. Gretchen said...

I blog sporadically at http://texaspurl.blogspot.com/

I'm trying to be better about it, though. I blog about my kids, cooking and knitting. I know how nerdy that sounds.

35. Elle Kay wrote...

okay, creepy small world.

I was going to post to let you know I am a semi-Austin blogger (just moved back to Houston, but lord knows I'm back and forth every weekend)

ANYhow, I went to UT with Tiffanie Lanmon! We were freshman figgies together. Too, too weird considering I pretty much randomly found you on BlogCatalog...

love your blog! makes me "home"sick a little. keep writing :)

(EDITOR'S NOTE: That is wild, Elle Kay!! And awesome!!!)

Elle's blog, everyone: http://thenewmckechnie.blogspot.com/Delete

Anonymous36. Chris said...

I have a blog about apartments in town. Not real fun, although I am trying to spice it up with celebrity apartments and funny tales from apartment staff.

Thanks for pulling together the list.


Anonymous37. QueenB said...

My blog is pretty much about my life experiences, life in general, sex, what not, stupid shit, sex, funny shit, etc. I tend to rant and rave a lot, all the while keeping a sense of humor. Hope you stop by sometime.


38. Jen Hamilton said...

I blog at thejenhamiltonblog.wordpress.com. I'm a freelance writer, yoga teacher training student and I love me some eats. So, it's about writing, food and yummies. Come visit me!


Blogger39. The Garden Posse said...


Collaborative blog by Austin's most fun guerrilla gardening group, chronicling all our gardens, plans, and other adventures.

I also blog at crapinabucket.blogspot.com, which is about nothing in particular.


Blogger40. crystal said...

Just started blogging...
a fashion and beauty blog
Hope it's not too late!! :)

Blogger41. Amelia said...

I blog in two places:
catalogues my fashion line, Doublespeak, home to hand embroidered vintage slips and tidy cloths
depicts communal vegan meals I make at my vegetarian co-op, House of Commons

OpenID42. paintanywhere said...

Sorry, just saw this post. Am I too late?

I'm an artist that has left the studio. I paint people from life. Most of the time, my subjects do not know that they are being painted.

Title of my blog:
I Stare At People

~ Thanks, Lavanna Martin

Anonymous43. Anonymous said...

Is this already over. I have been blogging in Austin since 2005. I mostly blog about the Austin real estate market and other random tidbits.


44. Mason Arnold said...

austinorganic.blogspot.com - Mason Arnold, founder of Greenling Organic Delivery blogs about running a business with more than the bottom line in mind and keeps you up to date on Organic and Local food news.

Blogger45. Cottage gal said...

I've got my blog representing the peeps up north in Georgetown! :-)


46. frances said...

blogging around austin just for fun :)


47.Blogger Adam said...

South Austin here

I write for Off The Record Austin..


a little about Austin, a little about Music, a little about life, but a lot of fun

Anonymous48. Crystal said...

Wow, I had no idea there were this many Austin bloggers! Mine's at http://www.poco-cocoa.com


Jude Galligan said...

Downtown Austin Blog is about life in Austin's urban core

Greg said...

Sorry about the belated response, but here's one more...


Random grumblings about Austin, music, TV, food, politics, airlines, tornadoes, domestic life and whatever else I can come up with since 2005.


William Trinity said...

One of the many music bloggers here...


Charles said...

As always I am late to the party...

I am an Austin blogger/cyclist/church-planter/pastor/coffee addict/art lover.

I blog at http://www.charleswhitmire.com

Adam S. said...

Sometimes music, sometimes Austin:


Jason said...

I run a blog about local cycling-related news, events, rumors, and goings-on called Austin Texas Bike Shi... er, Stuff. Check it out if you're of the two-wheeled inclination:


I guess I'm doing something right because I managed to snag a Best of Austin for it this year. I swear they'll give those things to anyone...

right M13K? ;)

thelizness said...

i blog aimlessly at www.thelizness.com

wade's got great pictures and lots of ranting going on over at www.abductedcow.com

great idea tolly, you're my blogging guru

Queen Kandis said...

I'm late to the party! Little bit of everything over at I Can Kick Your Ass at Trivial Pursuit, http://queenkandis.blogspot.com/

Jen McPherson said...

late as well but better than never. Mine is http://www.rookiespagirl.blogspot.com. Its mostly about my adventures as a new direct seller but I add in other stuff as it comes up as well.

Heather said...

Thanks for giving love to my blog's name. I will definitely be following many bloggers here-- great list!

Kristen said...

hi... I'm a local crafter/writer in Austin and my blog is pommes-frites.blogspot.com. I blog about things that inspire me, diy projects, and the progress of launching a small business. <3 Kristen

Bob (again) said...

I closed cccombobreaker.com. I opened an Austin, TX forum @ ATXScene.com. Post events on our calendar and talk about what is going on around Austin! Even have your own blog!

Jimmy said...

We are at Life in Apartments

Austin Graffiti said...

Austin probably has more bloggers than other cities of the same size.

Mine is called ATX Graffiti. I post pictures of graffiti that I find around Austin.

Fooding Blog said...

We blog about food in the Austin area like the Wine Festival last week at Fooding Blog

Justin Wright said...

I am a blogger living here in Austin as well.

I just setup the Austin chapter of beer and blog and am looking to find some fellow bloggers to meetup with.

You can check it out here: http://austin.beerandblog.com/

Ed Verosky said...

My PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG (updated several times a week): VeroskyPhoto.com

My Music Blog (updated whenever): AustinMusicPhotos.com

Simian Gibbons said...

I blog about whatever I feel like, which usually means whatever shows/art thingers people I know are putting on. I also do alot of RIPs and posts about old disco divas.

Blogger meet up? Yes, please.


LOS said...

Film, videos, entertainment...


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Anonymous said...


BG "totally my real name" said...

Hello Austin Bloggers! Great blog!

John McClellan said...


John Mclellan here. I write a blog that offers in depth analysis on various issues related to the real estate and mortgage industries if that's your bag. You can find it here: http://www.austinrealestatedaily.com

I hope you enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

@weraustin would love to tweet your posts as long as it nonprofit and will benefit the people of ATX