Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Are you going to Fabrication 6?

OK. So a few years ago, there was this petite, brunette girl who used to frequent Quacks, and I used to check her out shamelessly. She donned the wackiest, most wonderful outfits. If memory serves, one of them included tinsel - as in, the stuff you put on your Christmas tree - and I used to stare at her and try to mentally memorize what she was wearing. (God, I do a lot of stalking at Quacks.)

Anyway, I'm pretty sure she is "Elfgirl," one half of the super cool duo behind Team Fabrication. And this Saturday, they are putting on a fashion show at Mohawk, which will also be a concert and dance party! Check it, y'all: 'Til We're Blue or Destroy, whom my friend Kullen used to play with (are you still playing with them, Kullen?), The Laughing, Staying Gold DJ's, and more.

But! The most exciting thing going on is an Awards Show for Austin's Most Fashionable 2008. To vote, just copy/paste and send yours into

Here's who I want to win!!!

Austin's Most Fashionable 2008

My favorite Rare story partner, wedding photographer, and buddy Cory Ryan is the bassist in this band. Look how cute they are! Fashionable and coordinating.

Other nominees:
The Laughing
Electric Touch
Octopus Project

Hope Perkins

I shot a Rare story with Hope Perkins once, which started out at Hole in the Wall. She was a vision in high-waisted denim, and as soon as I saw her, I immediately lusted for a pair. I've always meant to get up the nerve to ask her where she got, if she wins this award, maybe I will!

Other nominees:
Yvonne (Octopus Project)
Gail Chovan
Audrie San Miguel
Jess Rice

Cory Ryan

I'm a little bit biased, obviously, but - are you LOOKING at this picture. I don't even know how you capture a hula hoop in mid-air on film like that. Wha? What th-huh? Cory, how did you do that!

Other nominees:
Courtney Chavanelle
Alison Narro
Michael Thad Carter
Chad Wadsworth


Beauty Bar **This category is HARD. If I were being honest, I'd probably go with The Peacock...but my heart says Beauty Bar. There, people (mostly) dress to the nines and shake it. Is extra credit.

Other nominees:
The Mohawk
Club Deville
The Peacock
The Blanton


Feathers**Boots, jewelry, a nutty '20s-themed costume I fashioned for myself once - Feathers has never let me down. I think it's funny that 3 of the most fashionable boutiques - Feathers, Prototype, and Parts and Labor - are within walking distance of each other! Quite a flashy little block there, South Congress.

Other nominees:
Bows + Arrows
Parts and Labor

Team Fabrication

This is one of Elfgirl's designs, and seeing as how I used to stalk her based on her outfits...she gets my vote.

Other nominees:
Amet & Sasha
Identity Crisis
Julia Plume
Loves, Mariessa


DUH, you guys! Just kidding - all choices here are very fashionable in their own way. But I'm consistently drawn to Rare's slightly scrapbooky feel, and the fact that the people featured inside present a nice balance of models/couture and real people/DIY looks. Here's one of my favorite covers:

Other nominees:
Austin Chronicle
Austin Monthly

Sean O'Neil **My editor at The Onion. Sexy as all get-out.

Other nominees:
Erick Sanger
Bryan Keplesky
Evan Voyles
Neil Diaz

Jennifer Perkins **Those Perkins girls are so damn talented. Jennifer is everywhere! She is the mistress behind Naughty Secretary Club, and was also one of the first gals to legitimize colored plastic in the accessory world. I heart very much.

Other nominees:
Amy Barber
Chia Guillory
Amber 10/SIX (No Link)
Jen Martinnen (No Link)


Fabrication**Sure! Why not.

Other nominees:
Tribeza Fashion Show
Treasure City Fashion Show
Maker Faire

Buffy @ Vain**Yes!!!!! The woman I trust to take me from blonde to brunette back to blonde to RED. Where to next, Buffy? Pink? Green? I'd follow Buffy into any unchartered hair color territory. And not only do her color creations always look amazing, she's fun to talk to while you're sitting there letting your head cook.

Other nominees:
Naomi Vigil @ Shag
Chenoh Yepa @ Pink
Deklynd Channing
Birds Barbershop

Austin Style Watch**Rachel Youens was one of the first local bloggers I started reading. I still rely on her coverage, and she was also one of the first to spearhead the "street fashion" blog trend. Hats off, Austin Style Watch.

Other nominees:
Naughty Secretary Club
Fitting Out (No Link)
The Austinist
Austin Tidbits


erin said...

hey, this is great, thank you so much for writing this. this is elfgirl BTW:) who is so very flattered. since sean o'neal (your editor) is one of my best friends you can ask him for verification. i did go to quacks a lot back in the day :)and Team Fabrication is quite thankful as well. i sent this link to a few people who would also appreciate your kind words, AKA buffy and Austin Style watch. You shoula been nominated for our awards !!

That Austin Girl said...

Hi Erin!! I LOVE it when the people I stalk magically find themselves here, and then say hi! Haha. Well, it's all true - I admired you )and your outfits) from afar for many months. (Still do).

And thanks so much for sending the link on!! Hope to run into you and one of your amazing creations soon.