Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Disco dance party tonight!

Yep, it's Tuesday, and that means Sounds! Fun! tonight, but with a disco twist. I have TWO favorite disco songs that I hope will be on the playlist:

1. "It's Raining Men" by The Weather Girls

2. "Jump! (For my love)" by The Pointer Sisters

Oh yes I DID sing "Jump!" on karaoke at my wedding. Flanked by my partners in crime, Jon and Jeff, and over the years we have perfected our "Jump!" choreography.

Reader, I will have you know that karaoke actually runs in my family...but that's a story for another time.

Do you have any favorite disco numbers? Don't lie, I know you do.


Snowed In said...

Anyone who knows me well knows I like a lot of disco music (including a lot of the more obscure stuff you will never hear on the radio). However, I've never been a big fan of "It's Raining Men". But that's just me.

sissel said...

dude - i know this is totally off the mark...but did carlos santana buy ALL the tomato basil veggie burgers in town to serve at maria maria? 2 HEB's, 1 central market later...and NOTHING! tolly....are you holding??? i need my fix

That Austin Girl said...

Snowed In - no likey "It's Raining Men?!" OH girl! Not even the sassy talking opener?

"Hi. HI! We're your weather girls! And have we got some NEEEWS for you! -Better listen, hurry up!- Get ready, all you lonely girls! And leave yo' umBRELLa at home!"

Oh God, I love it so much.

Ahem. Anyway: Well, which of the more obscure disco songs do you fancy, Snowed?

Sissel - um, WTF on the veggie burgers. Tomato basil is nowhere to be found at my HEB, either!!! Just look at Carlos Santana's face. That looks like a face that's hiding something - and I think it's hiding the location of said veggie burgers.

Anonymous said...