Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween highlights!

It's the one night of the year where you can witness Teletubbies and sock-hoppers posing together for photo ops. (At last!)

We started out at a little house party...

That's me (i.e. Hannah Montana) on the left!

Eventually things progressed to Black and Tan....

Above, Plan B (best costume ever?) dancing on top of a bar

The Skeleton on the left...

Below - OMG! OMG! Me with Tummy Toast!!

For this next picture, I recommend you scroll down.... gradually.


And finally, me doing my best Miley:



Richard said...

hey, i ended up meetin up w/some of those freaks frm blck/tan later lol. looks fung. did you hear bout gadjo disko? there were some cool costumes out there. check out myspace blog "hween 08 rcp" cheers

That Austin Girl said...

we almost went to gadjo disko! (and to that other e. 12 st. afterparty!) we ended up coming to my place after b&t instead. i love your firefox costume! and your blog!!

richard said...

thanks, ive been told the fox costume is kinda erie cant trust me, i wont eat cha. there were alot of wonderful costumes at gadjo disko! has pics frm gadjo and a list of costume types(its cool) :P