Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hope everyone has safely arisen out of their Thanksgiving coma. I don't know about you, but it's a Sunday afternoon on this holiday weekend, and I feel like I am just now rejoining civilian life.

Anyway, I know I am posting this a little early, but then again this is probably a flick for which you'll want to reserve early tickets anyway. I am so excited about "Milk!"

My friend Jeff got to see an early screening in L.A. a couple of days ago, and said it was fantastic. Its release couldn't be more timely. (And speaking of the release, there is already controversy surrounding it not surprisingly. The CEO of Cinemark, one of the theatres where "Milk" is playing, apparently donated $10 grand to the "Yes on 8" campaign. UM. Which begs the question: boycott Cinemark, or encourage everyone you can to see "Milk" however they can? Even if it means going to a Cinemark? Especially if they don't live in Austin and don't have access to supercool Alamo Drafthouses?)

Sorry, tangent. Anyway. I used to live right outside of San Francisco, and seeing shots of it make me a little nostalgic. If Austin, Texas didn't exist, and I had a million dollars, I would drop everything and move to SF in a heartbeat.

But back to "Milk" - how about that Josh Brolin these days? Hustlin' fool. He plays Dan White here, alongside Sean Penn, James Franco, and Emile Hirsch. You can catch it starting this Friday at Alamo Drafthouse Downtown. I think I'm going to go Saturday!


frances said...

Girl, I'm glad you like my blog... because I definitely love yours. :)

On the topic of Cinemark and Milk... I don't know why or how I know this, but where I'm from we have the highest grossing Cinemark in the nation (Plano haha) and... so apparently I think the company is Mormon? ... and I am guessing that is why they do not support Prop 8...

le sigh.

Nevertheless, I will definitely see it no matter what! I'm super excited. :) I'd rather see it at the drafthouse than cinemark anyhow.

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