Monday, December 22, 2008

DEADLINE to apply for The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin

I am WAY behind on posting this, but if you are a crafty or otherwise enterprising Austinite, you still have a few hours to register for this incredibly rad event. "The Bearded Ladies Present: Shop Austin" is one of many local artisan fairs that are effectively giving the term "crafts" an edgier, more badass appeal. T-shirts are less puff paint, more screen printing. Jewelry is less macaroni, more antique lockets. You get the idea.

Anyway, according to event organizers, artists involved in pottery/ceramics, mixed media art, bath and body items, and FOOD are especially encouraged to apply. Local cupcake artists, where you at?! The event is April 18, and by the looks of it, will be fairly huge. So Etsy Austin gals, Craft Mafia, and anyone with the last name "Perkins" - jump on it! Mostly because I want to come buy your stuff in one centralized, convenient location!

To apply, just click here.

While we're on the topic of crafts, I want to plug a local crafter I had the opportunity to meet this weekend at Etsy Austin's Holiday Bazaar. Her name is Kristen, and even though she's new to Austin, she's one of the forces behind Etsy Austin. To my understanding, the organization got "officially" up and running this past October, so it's a fairly new creation (p.s. am obsessed with Etsy).

Anyway, Kristen blogs at Pommes Frites, and in addition to all her crafty ideas she has a link there to her Etsy store, where she sells these ingenious little "safes" made out of books. So it looks like you're carrying a copy of Jane Eyre...but you're really carrying a flask. Example:


For more of Kristen's glorious safes and overall cleverness, just head to Pommes Frites.


Ross said...

Did they serve Horse Derves at Pommes Frites? If they had more than just hot chocolate there would have been less miserables walking around.

Kristen said...

aw girl you are too sweet!! it was awesome meeting you in person this past weekend :) i applied for the bearded lady presents at the very last possible second.. fingers crossed!

and to ross: i unfortunately did not have any snacks at my booth. one time at fun fun fun fest this crazed drunken girl ran into my booth and was all "where are the french fries!" and i just said "oh no, that's just a clever sort of play on my last name. i sell crafts" and she's all "well, you should sell french fries. that's misleading." and walked off in a huff. well, ya win some ya lose some.

That Austin Girl said...

Kristen that story is TOO funny, about the crazy girl!! Ross is making fun of me for my ridiculous French when I bounded up to your booth and asked, "Are you pommES fritES?" Instead of the infinitely gentler (and accurate), "pom free."

We decided that in Spanish the "es" would be acceptable. :) Except those words aren't Spanish at all.

Anyway, I'm thrilled you applied for Bearded Ladies!! I'm excited about that event. Hope I run into you again soon!