Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year's Eve in Austin

Alright, so my favorite thing to do on New Year's Eve usually involves a dance party in our very own living room, with abundant champagne, fellow dancing weirdos, and more Britney than is probably tasteful. As I sit here writing this you guys, I'm giggling to myself about absolute stranger who walked into our house last New Year's Eve and proceeded to blow my mind. Are you ready? Ok: so this dude is walking through the house, I'm fiddling with the stereo in the living room, and all of a sudden he stops - mid-stride. Wheels around, faces me. He then tells me he has some pretty sweet dance moves, and would I like to see? He then jumps straight up into the air (turning a jump-spin no less) and lands on my living room the SPLITS. I can't quite remember, but I think I clapped pretty hard.

Now admittedly it was a little we were the only two people in the living room at the time. But mostly hilarious. And if you're anything like me, the hilariousness more than makes up for the awkwardness.

Anyway, this is all to say that wherever you all are on New Year's Eve, I hope you're accosted by a stranger who wants to jump up and do the splits for you. Here are some places you may find him.

And if I find out about more (I'm sure there are tons) I will post!

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Alexandra Richmond said...

awesomely memorable party crasher! I also anticipate staying in with my b.f., some champagne, maybe making my hair real big. Then again, this party at Spider House looks like the bomb.