Monday, January 19, 2009

OmyBAMA! Hedwig and the Angry Inch!!

Ahh!!! Conflict!

Tomorrow night - same night as "Obama Dance Party" - bar none tranny movie classic, Hedwig and the Angry Inch is playing at the downtown Alamo. It's being put on by Hey Homo! whose cross-dressing Southern socialiate, Rebecca Havemeyer, will be featured on The Onion's tomorrow. (Interviewed!!)

So, here we have a problem:

Hedwig is a pretty formidable contender, but if there's anyone who poses a threat to her tomorrow, it would probably be Barack Obama. On Inauguration Day.

deets for Hedwig:

Tuesday, January 20
7:45 pm
Downtown Alamo
320 E. 6th
If you go, get tickets online QUICK - Hey Homo! events sell out at lightening speed.

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Tiffany Diane said...

I still have yet to see Hedwig and the angry inch, but I do really want to. It's too late for that now, but I suppose I can always remind myself to rent that film next on my growing list.

I just noticed the name change. Craaazy, I don't know if I can think of you as not "That Austin Girl" but if you prefer Austin Eavesdropper I will change the link name.