Thursday, February 5, 2009

Interview: Fashion Freakout's Audrie San Miguel

The 2nd annual Fashion Freakout is happening THIS FRIDAY everyone, and event organizer Audrie San Miguel was kind enough to stop by and tell us a bit about it. Audrie was a vintage dealer at one of my faves - Room Service - for 7 years, then opened up Prototype off S. Congress with her best friend 3 years ago. Her double passion for vintage fashion and Austin's music scene helped catalyze Fashion Freakout, which had its debut show last year at the United States Art Authority. This year, it sashays on over to The Mohawk.


The Mohawk
Friday, February 6
Doors 8pm
Runway show 9pm
$8 adults / $10 minors
Performance by Hacienda
DJ sets by Tweedy, McNeely and BigFace
Fashions by Prototype, New Bohemia, Buffalo Exchange, and Laced with Romance

Now, onto our blog guest - Audrie San Miguel! Clap clap clap!!

1. Welcome to Austin Eavesdropper! Tell us what Fashion Freakout is all about.

The Fashion Freakout began as a way for some of Austin's best vintage stores to showcase men and women's fashion in a rock-n-roll setting, and is all about the union between music and fashion in Austin. The "creative class" made up of artists and musicians rely on vintage stores for an affordable and unique way to express themselves through fashion. The rebellious spirit of rock-n-roll is the central idea we focus on for the Freakout and Prototype's party decor lends a celebratory and fun vibe perfect for a rock-n-roll runway show!

2. How long has it been going on?

This will be our second year of Freakout fun.

3. Last year's event at U.S. Art Authority was pretty rad. But this year, FF is at the Mohawk – what fun elements will that add to the show?

Last year the show sold out before the models hit the catwalk, and while it had an intimate vibe, too many people were turned away. We've produced a couple of events at the Mohawk since then, and the multi-level terrace and beautiful rockscape each provide many vantage points to watch the show. It can also, of course, accommodate hundreds more people.

4. Austinites really do love their thrift and vintage. Why do you think that is?

Austin has always had an independent spirit where self-expression is appreciated and welcomed. Wearing vintage is a way to have a unique, one-of-a-kind wardrobe that endorses a lifestyle of walking to the beat of your own drum. For a lot of people the thrill of the hunt, the budget-friendly prices, supporting local businesses, and recycling clothing is a big part of it too. For me, it's all about paying tribute to our cultural history by taking vintage styles and making them modern, since every current trend in music, fashion and design is influenced by the past.

5. What's the best thrifted item that you have ever purchased?

I get asked that question often, and since I've been in the vintage business for 10 years, there's been a lot of treasures to speak of! I have too many awesome finds that I hold dear to single out just one. My 150+ vintage shoe collection is high on my list of favorites though!


Trash Can Age said...

Great interview, Tolly! I wish I could go...have fun with the girls!

Tiffany Diane said...

Are you going to be going?

There is a huge possibility I am. Not buying tickets online though, do you think that'd be a necessity?

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Hey Tiffany! I think you'd probably be safe to get tickets at the door - The Mohawk is WAY bigger after all than U.S. Art Authority. If you go, text!! I'll def. be there!!

Anonymous said...

I hate to be nitpicky, I'm only this way because I can't help it and I love your blog.

I think "onus" is not the best word-choice.

From M-W:
ONUS a: burden b: a disagreeable necessity : obligation c: blame d: stigma

If you wanted the sense of obligation, OK, but I always associate a negative connotation to onus.

Maybe "impetus?"

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Anonymous - I love you!!!! Thank you so much for correcting me on that - it was midnight and my brain was clearly not working properly! I looked it up when I read your comment, and you are so's NOT the right word AT ALL. Subbed in "catalyze," I think that may work...see what you think.