Thursday, February 5, 2009

Birds Barbershop: Ladies Night!

So, seriously you guys, how about that Birds Barbershop?? Who is their genius marketing czar! All these cool events! (That's me with blonde hair at the Yelle concert!) All these pretty ads! And now, they're expanding to the east side? And hiring, you say (with healthcare benefits)? Out-of-work hairdressers, just stop reading! Go apply, post-haste!!

Ahem. The rest of you still there? Ok, cool.

Ladies, our time has arrived! Tomorrow evening, the Burnet Birds is hosting Ladies Night. It's a regular love fest: my girl Cory, my fave drag queen Rebecca Havemeyer, cupcakes, vodka, $5 blowouts. Massage. KARAOKE. (Is this all happening simultaneously, you think?)

As an aside - here's a rad Lykke Li clip from last year's SXSW. A Birds Barbershop-sponsored event, natch! (The audio's a little lacking, so, sorry about that).

I show this to you all to get you excited - because Lykke Li is coming HERE in a few weeks!!! February 19, to be exact. Stay tuned for details.

Going to stop this post before it gets anymore random.


Megalithic Rick said...

o o o...I posted a Lykke Li post too ;) check mark it out :P

Megalithic Rick said...

I understand your hesitancy about the show...I have no worries, but rest assured it should be a fun night. Local deejay Richard.Gear (whom I know your familiar with) will be throwing his monthly party Wild Life. So after Lykke,if the Lykke show doesn't end too late(which I don't think it will), hit up Wild Life at the Parish.