Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Side projects and craft projects.

Special announcement, interwebs. Tomorrow night, Party Ends is hosting a little "side projects" night at The Mohawk. Isn't that a clever event theme? Anyway, to match our city's currently drizzly, foggy state (at least it is right now at time of post, on Tuesday night), it must be said that this line-up packs a powerful dose of melancholia. Which isn't a bad thing, of course - just, you know, check your glow sticks at the door.

John did a very comprehensive post on the evening here, of which this tidbit might intrigue you:

"Nervous Curtains is the venture of the Paper Chase’s Sean Kirkpatrick who released an album of songs under his own name but recently added drums and another synthesizer then assumed a moniker. Having previously played with Spoon and a handful of other bands, Kirkpatrick behind the 88 keys has contributed to a variety of different sounds but it is the somber sounds of Nervous Curtains that sets him apart as a grave visionary."

Now maybe this is an overgeneralization, but I know very few synthesizer enthusiasts who also qualify as "grave visionaries," do you? Sean Kirkpatrick, because you have achieved both - and also because I very much like the band name 'Nervous Curtains' - you win my vote of confidence.

But seriously you guys - back to the weather. Wha? What-the-huh? Who ordered this humid mess? Whenever it gets like this, I like to pretend I'm a little old lady and bust out the knitting needles. For our very first Valentine's together, I even made R. a scarf. Then, he wore it out to dinner one night at Opal's, and all the girl waitresses hit on him, so I stole the scarf back.

Which brings us (however circuitously) to...

I think it is so neat that our local craft-preneurs are becoming such a force! Gone are the days when "crafts" designated macaroni necklaces and/or dried bean art. I got the inspiration for my very first (and, well, only) tattoo from a handmade piece I found at a craft show. (And no, I don't have a needlepoint pillow tattooed on myself. Yet.)

Kristen Pumphrey, crafter and host of the pretty blog Pommes Frites tells me that Etsy Austin is trying to make this a monthly event. Here is a sample of what you might find there:

Wall art.


What is this. The website calls it "Luke the Sock Goblin." I'm not sure what that means, but I love it!! And I especially like the way it has been carefully posed in a tree, like a proper goblin.


frances said...

omg have to go to the etsy thing eek!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

I know!! I want to join their ranks and be privy to all the events hosted by these crafty women.