Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day for hipsters

For this month's Rare Magazine, Cory Ryan and I got to do a fun piece called "I Heart Austin." Inside, we put together date nights for different categories of Austin couples: The Rockstar, The Eclectic, The Jock, etc. Well kids, we left out someone pretty special, and that is our city's hipster contingent. What's a hipster-in-love to do this Valentine's Day? Where do you turn when your ironic heart secretly yearns for some ooey-gooey commercial romanticism?

You lace up your pink Chuck Taylors and get your freak on, that's what.

LinkEvery time I attend a Car Stereo (Wars) dance party, I dissolve into a sweaty mess caused by copious busting of moves. Every time I hear Chris Rose's mixes, all I can think is: "ah, Daft Punk and Britney Spears...together at last."

Nash Cook will bring the photobooth to Beauty Bar for this event (anyone notice how photobooths are all the rage these days?) and High Society will supply a real-life kissing booth! Wonder who will supply the kisses....

But wait, back up for a minute. Maybe dance parties aren't your thing. Maybe you prefer your Valentine's slightly more on the sultry, not sweaty, side. Do you like tasteful nakedness? Nakedness for a cause?

It's funny: I can't remember that last time I visited United States Art Authority and left without seeing a nipple. (And I'm not complaining). R. and I went to an Enchanted Forest-sponsored event there last year for Valentine's Day, and loved it. Tickets are sold out for the dinner, but the afterparty starts at midnight and should be super-fun. Especially since Rebecca Havemeyer will be there! (Girlfriend's getting around these days, non?)

Finally. As befits a hipster-jock, there are several Austinites flying around lately on vintage single speed bikes. Perhaps you've gotten your wheels serviced at the soon-to-be-moving East Side Pedal Pushers, or maybe you're a Mellow Johnny's downtown commuter type. I'll admit that I am neither. However, I still think this event sounds pretty cute:

For reference: Juan Pelota = the coffee shop inside Mellow Johnny's, and it is named after Lance Armstrong's one remaining man jewel. (That he still somehow manages to impregnate women with).

Note that this event happens on Friday, so technically, the day before Valentine's. Is this event's set-up not genius? Exercise, burn off a ton of calories, and then go drink. (Which leads to all kinds of delightful trouble, as personal experience recently reminded us).

Tomorrow, I'll be posting on Valentine's Day for Foodies. If you've got suggestions, feel free to email or leave a comment.


He Loves and Hates Everything said...

Oh, Tolls! That one brought the lolz. :)

I personally heart that flyer: "But I'm not straight! -We'll figure something out."

What does that even mean? Will they pay someone to sleep with you? That's so thoughtful.


Trash Can Age said...

Tolly - jump on some single events. For me and Sissel, haha!

vannando said...

mmmmmmmm yummy..