Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day for foodies

Say what you will about Valentine's - it's commercial, it encourages couple smugness, blah blah - but you have to love the dionysian spirit it fosters. Unlike the traditional holiday season, which is roughly a month-long buffet of food and drink we may or may not care about (spiced cider? Eh, no thanks, well it's right there, well, actually, ok), Valentine's means exactly 2 things, as far as edibles are concerned:

A) Chocolate,
B) Wine,

...consumed in ridiculously decadent amounts. Within 24 (or sometimes 1 or 2) hours.

So foodies, with this in mind, here are a couple local Valentine's options to satisfy your wino / chocoholic souls.


Ok, so, you know that scene in Clueless where Cher orders herself flowers? To impress the cute, very fashionable new guy, Christian? (Who later turns out to be gay but whatever?) You can totally do that with Cookie Lounge. By which I mean order yourself (or "your office") cookies. Cookie Lounge is sort of like Amy's Ice Cream, where you customize your own little treat. And then they'll deliver it. In this pretty pink box! For Valentine's Day, you can order 2 dozen for $18.

If I had to create my dream cookie from Cookie Lounge's options, here is what it would be:

Oatmeal cookie dough + toasted walnuts + sundried cherries + Schokinag (what!) dark chocolate.

I defy anyone to top that delicious confection.


The Cupcake Bar is having a "Naughty or Nice" wine and cupcake night at House Wine on Valentine's. There are 4 cupcake wine/pairings available, each for $12. Here are my two favorites:

"A sinfully decadent and rich, Dark Chocolate Espresso Cupcake with Fudge Chocolate Icing and fill with caramel. Topped with a chocolate-covered cherry. Paired with a 2004 Malbec, Llama, Argentina 100-year old vine."

"A sweet Strawberry Cupcake with Champagne Icing and filled with marshmallow whipped cream. Topped with conversation hearts and pink edible glitter. Paired with Marques de Gelida Sparkling Rose: The palate is flavorful and silky with a refreshing vibrancy, nicely balanced with clove and lightly sweet cherry notes; dry, with lightly brassy finish."

There's no website, but there is an Evite, so email me if you're interested.


Jenny said...

Tiff's Treats is one of my local cookie fav's - you can order as little as a half dozen $5 and have them delivered with an adorable little bow (everytime) - and they donate a portion to the charity of your choice (i.e. SPCA)

C.Aki said...

Chocolate and wine indeed! So much better than my aunt's dry turkey on thanksgiving!