Thursday, March 12, 2009

SXSW 2009 Parties, Part 7: We Have Band, Miami Horror, Treasure Fingers

I don't know about you guys, but whenever I dance....there's a lot going on. It's funny to watch. Hair a-tossin', finger a-pointin', lips a-puckerin.' This one pic kind of sums it all up:

Although that is pretty damn tame, to be honest with you. Fortunately, my friends usually manage to make ridiculous spectacles of themselves when they get down - you know who you are - so I just stick with them and try to blend in.

Anyway. Three rad dance party bands are playing at ONE place next week - Canvas Bar!

We have discussed The Twelves here before, recently in fact, but I thought I'd share samples of other people who will be at this party. (Don't forget to RSVP).

We Have Band:

Miami Horror:

Treasure Fingers:

(P.S. - Someone's having way too much fun with YouTube's new colored border feature)

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Tiffany Diane said...

Ah, Laurel took that, eh? She's a friend of a friend and seems sweet.