Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nirvana Nostalgia.

God. Remember when MTV was kind of cool?

I miss these days.

We were at a friend's lakehouse this weekend, listening to a '90s station on XM or something, and I got so freaking nostalgic for junior high. Or, more accurately, the larger cultural zeitgeist of the early-to-mid-90s when I was in junior high. (I'll leave behind the horrifying OXY zit cream, thanks).

I think the reason Alamo Drafthouse hasn't had a Nirvana singalong (to my knowledge), even though we totally know all the words is because we can't laugh about it.

Did you know, though, that Nirvana recorded a bootleg here in Austin in 1991?

I go back and forth about my favorite Nirvana song, but I always come back to All Apologies.

In terms of music video alone though, In Bloom is pretty sweet. I can't decide. Which one's your favorite?


ttrentham said...

Too bad doesn't actually have a copy of it, I'd love to hear it.

Here's a ticket stub from the show. I was there and remember it very well.

I had been listening to Bleach for a couple of years and had been waiting for Nevermind. I was working at the Sound Warehouse at Burnet and 49th when it was released. We only got two copies of the CD and one cassette in the first shipment. I bought one of the CDs. A couple of months later, we were getting 50-100 copies a week and selling them all. It was a fun time.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

ttrentham, WOW. How awesome that you kept that ticket stub. $7.00!!

I know, I've been looking out for a copy of it too. I'll come back and leave another comment if I find it. Seems like one of those obscure local recordings David Brown could cue up on Texas Music Matters.

Aaron Robert Hall said...

Pretty cool ticket ttrenham! Those were some exciting times in music for sure, And as for Nirvana, timeless! I miss MTV when it was fun and cool. I think Kurt Loder should start his own network and rock out the news like the old days. That guy is awesome.

I would have to say that In Bloom was always one of my favorite Nirvana songs. That one always got me rockin' out pretty hard.

William said...

Ttrentham, I was at that LL show, too, along with the in-store they did at Waterloo earlier that day. I was a huge Nirvana fan from the time around Bleach's release, and I was always disappointed that they'd never played Austin up to that point even though all the other SubPop bands back then were making Austin stops. For whatever reason, Nirvana was doing more localized West Coast tours back then, so the day that the Austin show was announced for the Nevermind tour (this was pre-Smells Like Teen Spirit), I biked down to Waterloo to buy tickets for myself and my roommates. In those days you really didn't need a ticket because everyone was always fashionably late to shows but I bought mine anyway because I was afraid they'd sell out before I was able to get off work and get downtown. I am so glad I did because it would be one of my bigger regrets in life if I'd missed that show.

We arrived in plenty of time. I was shocked at the sight of the longest line I'd ever seen at LL. The line snaked all the way around Liberty Lunch to that day laborer area that fronted Cesar Chavez. Yikes. That line, however, was for non-ticket holders and since we had tickets we were able to basically walk right up, show our tickets and ID, and enter.

What a very, very allsome show that turned out to be.

And it only cost me seven bucks.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

This is officially my favorite comment thread. I love reading about this show.

Jason said...

I'll never forget how my ears perked up when I first heard "On a Plain". That's my favorite, hands down.

Rusty said...


Austin Eavesdropper said...

Rusty, SIR! Clearly you are outnumbered. Go curl up with your Kid Rock elsewhere!

(PS Rusty is my friend / feckless Nirvana hater)


Laura said...

I love that Kurt is wearing a Daniel Johnston shirt. And seriously, how young is Dave Grohl here? I miss the days when one could sit crosslegged on an amplifier and still be considered a credible journalist. Oh wait, maybe that's what blogging is all about.