Monday, July 27, 2009

Where the blogger party at? TRIO this Wednesday


We are booked to capacity with this event, but for our esteemed attendees I thought I'd give you a reason to show up early (besides breaking open the champagne bottle with yours truly).

The first 50 arrivals at The Austin Bleet-Up will receive little goodie bags filled with spa samplers, music, coupons to local businesses and other Austin-y stuff. TRIO has kindly donated many of the spa treats, while local musicians, artists, and other creative types have thrown in their contributions.

So get there at 6pm fools, and claim a magical bag! Parking is complimentary valet because we are Fancy People.

To see what else we'll have going on at the Bleet-Up, just click here.

UPDATE: Attendees, when you arrive...hang onto that valet ticket. You can have it validated at the host stand.

It also occurred to us that a lot of you may not have been to TRIO before. When you walk inside the main entrance of Four Seasons, turn left and head to the staircase. Descend down and boom, you are in TRIO.

Remember to bring $ if you'd like half-off wines by the glass, and also remember to bring your special blogger social skills. Sometimes Austin Eavesdropper has to remind herself to say the words "by the way" and not "btw" so as not to annoy people, and "talk to you later" rather than "Tweet you later." She will indeed be drinking so if she says these things to you anyway, apologies are submitted in advance.


Whutchewsay! said...

Best blog in Austin. How do you do all that stuff you report on? Have clones running around town?

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Thanks Daddy. :)

He Loves and Hates Everything said...

I'm going to need a full report on the Bleet-Up (goats!). I eventch want to do something like it in Sac. But, you know, like a year after a cooler city like Austin has already moved on to something else. Like a hovercraft pub crawl. Or something.

'NITES said...

"It also occurred to us that a lot of you may not have been to TRIO before."


Austin Eavesdropper said...

:) Figured that many of us are probably not "high rollers," if you will...just hanging out at Four Seasons. Seriously though TRIO's happy hour is so.f-ing.amazing.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

LOL, Jon - "hovercraft pub crawl." Or a bubble-wrap fashion show, perhaps?

UM also, I am still dying at your Facebook wall post last week!! Please interpret my silence as laughter so hard, it rendered me unable to type.

WebAnna said...

Sweet! We're (@webanna & @everzalez) are new to the area. Can't wait to meet fellow bloggers!
- Anna