Monday, August 24, 2009

GIVEAWAY at Dalena Vintage

Hello, beautiful.

The interwebs really have done wonders in making vintage clothing available to the masses. Dalena Vintage is one such retailer, and lo and behold, it is Austin-based.

The owner Leslie Torbett just launched the shop recently, and I can already tell I'll be dropping by often.

You're loving this photography, aren't you? So am I.

Anyway, from now until next Sunday, Dalena Vintage is hosting a giveaway. To enter, you must leave a comment at her blog here.

Clothes giveaways are SO fun - we even did one of those ChickDowntown contests here on Austin Eavesdropper a few months ago - and a boy won!

The winner of Dalena's Vintage will receive this pretty, demure thing:

So go leave a comment now to enter.

Here are a few more samples from Dalena Vintage's shop.

Hearts. Lots of 'em.


theyearoflivingthriftily said...

yay for vintage, vintage sellers, and vintage giveaways!

Aaron Robert Hall said...

There are some pretty cute get-ups in there. Viva la vintage!

Nancy said...

Wow- these outfits are adorable! Is it only in Austin?

texlex said...

oo i love these photos!! these look like awesome finds too... this chic has a great eye.

Anonymous said...

I love Vintage. I really want to get some of those models...hubba hubba.

Keep up the great work!

Thurogood Vintageshopper

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Aaron and Sarah! I know...YAY vintage!! Sarah, when are you gonna have one of your awesome garage sales that I can descend upon??

Hey Nancy! Yup, this shop is technically in Austin, but it's online so it's sort of everywhere. :) (Visit her Etsy shop).

Texlex - right, she does have a good eye. I wonder who her photographer is.

Anonoymous - wish I could take credit, but this definitely isn't my work. :) Go visit Dalena Vintage though, and pass those kind words onto her (and her pretty models ;)

DalenaVintage said...

Yeah...Thanks all!

Nancy...Tolly's right the shop is technically in Austin but I ship all over the world. There are loads of Scandinavian girls who can't live without their vintge!

Tolly...Right now I'm doing the photography myself which is tricky when I don't have a model and have to do it myself! Yargh...Anyone interested in modeling :)