Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bodysuits: What say ye, Austin?

Ladies, do you remember your first bodysuit? You know....those funny shirts that snap at the crotch, like a swimsuit you wore with pants? (or a skirt?) Perhaps you purchased yours at Limited Too. Perhaps it came in two blocks of color, as so many outfits from '90s era Limited Too did. Perhaps you even got a matching scrunchie.

Well 14 years after my first brush with the bodysuit, I'm into it again. This garment is slowly crotch-snapping its way back onto the bodies of little Austin hipsters, and I'll say it - I'm a fan. I had completely forgotten what a genius concept the bodysuit is! A shirt that ALWAYS stays tucked in! Just incredible.

Here are some bodysuits that UO is currently carrying. I think I like the little floral one best.

Also, Austin's own vintage stylist / amazing fashion blogger lady Sarah Dean is selling a few choice black bodysuits at The Year of Living Thriftily.

Am also digging that stacked, Greek sandal-esque heel Sarah's little model is working. I predict that soon enough, we'll see bodysuits make their debut on our local Common Birds.

What do you think of le bodysuit, Austin women? Yay? Nay? Are you feeling some drop-crotch harem pants style hesitation? (Austin Eavesdropper has yet to try that trend). Or are you already bodysuit snapping with glee?


crystal said...

Oh bodysuits....thank you, Lady Gaga.
Seriously, do you remember how hard it is to potty in those things?
It's true they don't come untucked and they're almost instant lingerie, but I just don't know about this particular 80's redux.
A fleeting trend, for sure.

SarahJD said...

Hey girl

I love me a good body suit and I DO wear them fairly regularly because I love the smooth silhouette they create.

They are a pain in the a** but so is everything I wear. So its cool ;)

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Crystal, I hear you. "Instant lingerie"....heh. :) Good observation.

I think I'm more ready to get on-board with this bit of '80s though than, say, shoulder pads. I think.

Addie said...

Oh, the Limited Too. How I loved your matching flannel shirts and scrunchies and weird carpet smell.

crystal said...

ha! shoulder pads! So true...
I have to admit I'm kind of digging the spandex under skirts/shorts thing, though. And leg warmers...I'll always love leg warmers. :)

Pang said...

How can that possibly be comfortable? Don't get me wrong, I'm down with the look, and it's pretty damn sexy, but really? Do they really snap on... down there? lol

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Crystal - YES on leg warmers. How can we make those more a regular a part of street attire, rather than dance (specifically Flashdance) attire? As soon as someone figures it out I am totally on-board.

Sarah - Heh, yes. Vintage clothes always such a damn process. But you look terribly good, all the time.

Addie - THE MATCHING FLANNELS AND SCRUNCHIES!! I had totally forgotten about those! Omg...would you believe I work a sweatshirt with LTD written in plaid block letters, with matching plaid *shorts* (who wears a sweatshirt with shorts?) and Doc Martens to my first DANCE?! If memory serves, a scrunchie was also part of that fashionable number.

Vincent - Yep they really do snap on down there! You can see why the bodysuit goes through approximately 15-year cycles.

Mean Rachel said...

My crotch is a strict no-snaps zone, thankyouverymuch.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Can I have that printed on a t-shirt, Rachel?

Breyonce said...

To me, a body suit is just a bathing suit that you're "allowed" to wear like regular clothing. It's weird. I don't get it. But I admit the photos in this post are hawt.

Also, I'm all for vintage/resale clothing, but I think body suits would fall under the "must be new" category for me, along with underwear and the aforementioned bathing suits.

*A* said...

I don't live in Austin (sadly) but I felt inclined to comment. I remember my first bodysuit - it was just plain black but for some reason it made me feel very grown up. I recall that I wore a loose vest over the bodysuit with jeans and converse. I pretended to be Brenda from 90210 (the show was brand new and ruling my life). Ah, simpler times.

And now to my point: I *think* I'm into the bodysuit trend - but only because these new bodysuits are more detailed and interesting (and they will look AWESOME with my pencil skirt + cardigan).

Austin Eavesdropper said...

*A*....is this Anna? :) Because I can just hear those words coming out of your mouth right now Anna Pruitt, and also envision you as a mini Brenda Walsh. Isn't it funny to think there was a time when we thought vests would NEVER come back? And now they are all le rage?

PS bodysuit + cardigan + pencil skirt = hot professor

*A* said...

it IS Anna!...I can't figure out how to not be *A* on comments...sigh. Anyway, I totally agree - I am shocked that vests have come back. I am a little shocked that I would actually rock the same bodysuit outfit I wore back in the day. And I would still pretend to be Brenda Walsh. Maybe times aren't that different?

Yes, hot professor is the look I'm going for, especially because I am SO EXCITED to be teaching English 3 - one simply musn't look frumpy while discussing sonnets!

Jessica Meyer said...

Hi Tolly-
I adore your blog!

It's funny because I never thought I would see the body suit trend come back at least for a while (or never) but you know what... I actually kind of like it. I think it would look cute with some flared dark denim and wedges. Let's just hope I won't be extremely bloated on that day. ha! :)

The last one with the ruffles is amazing...

I've added you to my blogroll :) Hope that is alright.

Jessica Meyer


Austin Eavesdropper said...

Anna..."one simply musn't look frumpy while discussing sonnets!" OH I MISS YOU!

Hey Jessica! Your blog is super cute, too! Flared dark denim + wedges + bodysuit = total Jane Birkin hotness. Me likey.

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I shall go do the same.

Anonymous said...

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