Wednesday, September 23, 2009

FRIDAY: Rob Dickinson (Catherine Wheel), show at Mixx + ticket giveaway

This is such a beautiful photograph. (Thank you Lost At E Minor). The man you see so tenderly captured above is Rob Dickinson of the '90s rock outfit Catherine Wheel. Perhaps you remember their song Black Metallic?

Sorry about annoying commercial, but anyway - WOW, doesn't that whole sound take you back? The quasi-psychedelia thing prompted me to cue up Black Hole Sun just now, too. It's like my school's 8th grade dance happening right now in my living room.

Anyway, Rob Dickinson is coming to Mixx (612 6th St., next to Emo's) on Friday for his second performance in 11 years. Last year, he released Fresh Wine for the Horses under Universal Canada, and at the behest of the label CEO added a second CD with a handful of acoustified Catherine Wheel classics. (The sample of Black Metallic, by the way, is pretty gorgeous). Do512 is hosting the affair, along with our friend Tyler at Two Groove.

Rob will be joined by Stereo is a Lie, Buttercup and Lost Werks at the show, which Austin Eavesdropper is attending. I think I might haul out my old Doc Martens, just for kicks!

We have a pair of tickets to give away too if you would like to come, Reader. To enter, just leave a comment below with your email, and we will select a winner before noon on Friday. You can also find me on Twitter, and get a hold of Austin Eavesdropper that way. Go!


christine marie said...

I'd love tickets! Definitely planning on going to this.

Thanks! :)

Aaron Robert Hall said...

So are they purple docs, Tolly?

Looks like this should be a fun show and receive a good turn-out. Whats up with only playing 2 shows in the last 11 years. Surely he had gotten the itch and preformed on stage somewhere. Maybe he dresses up like a bum and plays secret shows in the London squares.

WaGer said...
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Austin Eavesdropper said...

Aaron, did you know you are my favorite commenter? :)

All submissions thus far are RECORDED!

Aaron Robert Hall said...

Awww, shucks

uselessgoo said...

I would love to go! Break out the Docs!