Thursday, September 17, 2009

TICKET GIVEAWAY: KVRX Back to School Extravaganza

I think I have a crush on KVRX. As in the whole station. I used to listen to this show last year on Monday mornings called Goblins for Breakfast, hosted by Jess Williamson. One time, I called her on the studio line just to say that I really, really, really loved her voice, and I would take a longer commute to work if I could just to hear her keep talking.

Which is a little creepy.

But fortunately, Jess wasn't freaked out. Instead, she visited my blog and left a comment. These days, there are many fab shows on KVRX, but one I particularly like is on Friday mornings and it is called Jammy Jams. It is listed under the music genre "parentcore." And that makes me giggle.

So it is with great pleasure I tell you about KVRX's music party on Friday, the Back to School Extravaganza, happening at Mohawk. Graciously enough, they have provided Austin Eavesdropper with a ticket to the show for giveaway, which comes with a plus one! So we're going to have a little contest....

HOWEVER. Instead of doing what we normally do for giveaways - i.e. leave a comment, I'll close my eyes, and throw my cat at the computer - let's do something different. To enter, you must answer this timely trivia question. Are you ready?

What was the name of Patrick Swayze's gang in Red Dawn?

Charlie Sheen was also in this gang. Go!

Actually, don't go yet. Listen to these links first:

The Low Lows
Best Fwends
No Mas Bodas

Now go.


Anonymous said...

"...wish great pleasure" seems almost Freudian.

I'd leave it.

I also know the answer but I'm disqualifying myself since I'm already a winner.

Thanks for the music links, btw: Coworkers being particularly mouthy today.

Sarah said...

I just rented this in honor of Patrick Swayze. The answer is The Wolverines

Austin Eavesdropper said...

OH copy editor! What would I do without you? I seriously need to put you on payroll or something.

And np on links....thank KVRX!

Sarah (and all other entries): remember to leave your email yo so when we pick a winner, we can give you the WORD UP

Austin Eavesdropper said...

This is an honorary comment left for my friend ALEX over at Austin Is Delicious:



Mikaela said...

The Wolverines!

BRETT! said...


am i too late?


Austin Eavesdropper said...

Man, you guys are good!!!

I selected a winner randomly from the correct guessers (i.e. all of you), so if you didn't hear from me yesterday, stay tuned - you didn't win this, but another fun giveaway might be happening next week. ;)