Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ghostland Observatory: Mini Documentary

As inspired by Sunday night's ridonkulous show at Stubb's, can I share this very special YouTube discovery with you guys? It's a mini documentary on Ghostland Observatory, by KLRU's DocuBloggers.

I bet you weren't expecting Aaron Behren's little twang, were you? "We had a farm, shoot guns n' fish...run an' play like a crazy small town kid would." Cute.

Anyway, this affirms yet again why I adore this band so much. So incredibly down-to-earth, not pushing a big image angle, polite.

Now, tons of people ask these guys about their music - rightfully so - but what I want to know is where in the world Mr. Behrens learned those sick dance moves. Who taught you to move your pelvis like that, sir??

So help me God, I'll ask him myself one of these days.


Hipstercrite said...

Ooohhh...can't wait to watch this! Thanks for posting!

I now kind of wish I went to the Stubb's show :/

Aaron Robert Hall said...

Great, just when I was bummed out enough that I missed BOTH shows, you had to go and post a sweet YouTube score that humbled these guys into an even more epic duo. Maybe if I think really really hard and pray to the laser gods, they might appear out of the fog and rock a sweet house party for me. Everyone is invited when this happens.

Oh yeah, and Dorota? That is just awesome.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

LOL, Aaron....Dorota!!! Chuck/Blair/Dorota. A menage a trois for the ages.

Hipstercrite - not gonna lie, it was pretty damn amazing. :) Just means you gotta come to the next one.

April Riggs said...

Thank you so much for posting this mini-doc. I love these guys and my first time to see them was this past Saturday night. They literally helped me have a beautiful, mental melt down.

AInsley said...

I LOVE this band! I'm am someone closed-off to the music scene, so I was excited to see someone else who likes them. Unfortunately, they don't like they're coming to my area (MI) any time soon.