Monday, October 19, 2009

Gordough's Big Fat Donuts

Austin Eavesdropper has a confession to make. Two, actually:

A) She hasn't stepped foot in a gym in two weeks. Hello, Texas! Oh wait, that's not the state of Texas....that's my butt.

B) See all of these delightful blog posts below? Most AE post ideas come from AE's circle of knowledgeable pals, who have their fingers to the pulse of this city even better than she does. And friends, they uncover some interesting finds. Interesting indeed.

Take Gourdough's gourmet donut shop, a brand spankin' new food trailer biz located on 1219 South Lamar, across the street from Maudie's. This tip came today from AE's friend Gary, who really and truly, should start his own blog. AE's in-the-know music tips, celebrity gossip tips, and sometimes food tips, pretty much always start with Gary. (@gaston213 on Twitter).

Let us dispense with formalities then, and ogle the drool-inducing donut menu at Gourdough's?

Um...what!! "Mother Clucker: Fried Chicken Strip and Honey Butter Icing." "Margaritaville: Margarita Flavored Filling and Key Lime Icing."

I feel like Gourdoughs' is the kind of thing that needs to be experienced at least once, with photographic proof, just to say you've tried it.

Have any of you been to Gourdough's yet? If not, which one would you order first? My money's on "Heavenly Hash."

EDITOR'S NOTE: PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE has arrived! (Thanks to the indispensable Gary, @gaston213, for internet sleuthing and Jennifer King for her in-depth article at Austin Post, the source of these pictures).

The Mother Clucker.

The Razzle Dazzle.

The Blue Balls.


Kay said...

Oh my, my yes. I haven't been yet but @bepkoboy has, several times. I'm living vicariously through him. I've been tweeting about Gordoughs since before ACL...why, then have I not tried one of the fantastic creations? They aren't open in the morning, the only time I'm normally free and on S. Lamar. :-( Waiting for them to edge their noontime opening up to the 8am mark. They share the lot with @AustinBrevita and I stop there for coffee most weekdays. Just waiting until I can try the Slow Burn or the Porkey's!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Kay, you are so full of information!!! Thanks for the times on Gourdough's. :)

Hipstercrite said...

whoa. bacon donut?

Gary said...

First of all thank you for the kind words :)

I have since stumbled onto some photos, and some VERY positive reviews on Yelp here:

And to fulfill my obligation of unnecessary and obligatory criticism (based on nothing but sheer jealousy that I didn't get stoned back in 2006 when my ex bought me a deep fryer for Christmas (yeah who does that, right?) & start this crazy business myself)
*Phew* What was i saying? Oh yeah, I know presentation isn't everything, but the ever expanding world of cup cakeries here in Austin has spoiled me in a bad way. Not only do i want things to taste good, i want them to look as good as they taste... That being said, I think they may be lacking a little in the presentation department. Specifically the Razzle Dazzle. It doesn't really scream "PUT ME IN YOUR MOUTH!" as much as it does, "Hey i could have possibly just fallen on the floor, but no one saw it, so it's probably still cool to eat me."
Like i said, completely unfounded and stupid, but it is what it is. When it comes down to it its a donut, and it's going in your mouth, so what difference does it make what it looks like.

Check out this post over at and take a gander at the Razzle Dazzle and the Blue Balls

Unicorns Do Exist said...

I know where I'm going after my morning class tomorrow. Oh bring the heath donut you will be mine shortly!

Aaron Robert Hall said...


What? That just blew my mind!

Since we can mix and match I think I'll make my own right now. I'll take the Funky Monkey, ditch the cream cheese icing and replace it with the peanut butter icing, sprinkle it with a little bit of gram cracker and heath bar chips, top it with a peanut butter morsel and call it "The Elvis".

Damn, now I gotta go try this concoction. I'll tell ya'll how it works out.

Jennifer said...

Hey! Thanks for posting the pics and the link! Mmmm...I am so wanting an order of those Blue Balls right now. I went back yesterday and had the PB&J = full of extreme peanut butter and jelly goodness. A+

andrew said...

I've tried several of these. Tasty, but pretty overwhelming. I know they're living up to the big.fat.donuts. line, but it's a little ridiculous. It's like if Tiff's Treats made each of their cookies the size of a hubcap. I can't help but eat as much as I can at the initial sitting when they're hot and fresh because I've found that they don't keep well.

I like that they're open till 2am, but who wants to wait 5-15 minutes for a donut at the end of the night?

And yet I keep going back...

Jon said...

I'm officially submitting a request to AE Tours for a test run of the Black Out (you had me at brownie batter, Gourdough's).

Also, I love that the logo is a doughnut train conductor. Where's he going!? Why the 'stache!? And yes, I WILL have a cup of coffee (or Dublin Dr. Pepper) with my heart attack. Full steam ahead to Mouthgasm!

Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

The Black Out is everything you could ever want in a coronary-inducer. It is literally a (small) frisbee-sized mass of fried dough with huge chunks of brownie on top, covered in chocolate icing.

I just polished off the leftovers I had of a Black Out. Now I must go for a long run.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

LOL, I am *dying* at "where's he going?!" Probably to the hospital!

Anonymous said...

I think he's actually a little Italian guy (like Gordo) and that's an old Italian military hat (hence the stache).